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    Wow, the US Conference of Mayors study.
    Are these the same mayors who were siding with Bloomberg?

    Everybody move to the city and save our suburbs!!!

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    Interesting how Texas and Florida are on top in the study. I have to say that In Miami there is starting to see a lot of construction and in Downtown Miami is rocking all over with condo/office buildings going up everywhere you look. Miami has become an international city where Rich Central & South Americans are buying up condos left and right, also the Russians, the Canadians, the Chinese and Japanese and I am seeing Europeans buying here too. I think these buyers know that something is coming and feel that there money is better spent on properties here then there countries.

    So yes the article maybe right. But no matter what good news that is happening it doesn’t mean that there will not be an economical collapse. In fact this will make the fall here much harder and larger then anywhere else.

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    I’m not surprised to see TX & FL in top spots, and that’s good for job seekers if the big boys in DC and on Wall Street can keep the economic ponzi going indefinitely, but they can’t. I’m recently retired and so am out of the job market but if I were young and knew even half of what I knew now I wouldn’t be looking for employment in any large urban area. Come an economic collapse, grid down scenario, or WWIII, the urban centers will not be the place to be.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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