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    Considering that the armory in question appears to be under some construction, the alarm may not have even been on.

    Most armories I’ve been in could be cracked by my Boy Scout Troop.
    A good set of bolt cutters and a torch, and you’ve cracked the locking rack (locker).
    Most of these places are more dependent upon the outer doors and occupancy than physical strength (safe).

    Remember, the feds don’t have to comply with the same laws a regular person would have to, regarding Class3 weapons.
    Ain’t exemptions great.

    Again as to what they got, its a guard armory, not a military base, the heavy guns and equipment isn’t stored there. Just a token number in case of emergencies.

    Still am not convinced this is any more than some opportunistic yokel rather than a year, its just too easy to gather stuff through normal channels or foreign suppliers.

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    Response to Dutch Viking:
    Political “leaders” are not “representatives.” They have become dictators, caring not about their people. And in this case, Dutch_Viking, he’s made that glaringly evident to anyone with ears to hear. If the Netherlands became 51% Muslim and they voted in Sharia law, that would be just fine. Sure! Just fine IF all that is good and politically holy is democracy. But if democracy exists as the sole or even primary means by which decisions are made, it becomes quite possible (even inevitable) that human rights become irrelevant.

    Democracy = two wolves and a sheep sitting down and voting on what to have for dinner during a famine. The majority wins, the majority can re-determine what “rights” even means. And without God in the equation, there is no such thing as “human rights,” or “unalienable rights.” They would have no legitimate conceptual basis. Rights would be solely determined by the majority at any given time, subject to changes in the majority at any later time.

    How absolutely stupid they are – OR – how absolutely evil they are. I vote for evil. They are of the group sworn to fundamental evil and the subjection of all human beings, ultimately – no matter how many generations it takes. Anyone rejecting that belief, rejects it at his or her own peril. And the more that reject it, the more vulnerable we all are.

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    If more attacks occur (we know they will) in Europe and/or the US, politicians such as Dutch described will be ostracized. The lines are being drawn today which side of the war they are supporting. Some of most amazingly stupid statements possible were said in the last 72 hours. Obama is finished, he couldn’t get a parking ticket fixed after his last few speeches.

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    L Tecolote

    Here’s one take on how & why ISIS was set up:

    So if, as I hear on the radio, Belgium has a “city” of ~800,000 refujihadis, and they estimate (guess) that only ~500 of those are the “radicals” who “bear watching,” and if by their estimates, it takes ~10 trained observers to properly “watch” each such “radical”, in case he might do something “suspicious,” (provided they have all been correctly identified, of course) why would anyone, Zero, or Ms. Jarrett, or (____fill in the blank), want to bring in 10,000 of them to start, and 100,000 by some unidentified date in 2017? Is it a jobs program? And just who is expected to keep the US door open for the refujihadis, past 21JAN16?

    Is this another of those clever little clues we’re not expected to be smart enough to pick up on? To quote Gilda Radner’s character, Emily Litella, “Oh … Never mind!”

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    Money and power. It all comes back to money and power for a small group that knows no national loyalty. The tactics are massive destabilization, or as our friends Karl and Friedrich put it, destroying the social and political order by any means necessary. Cloward and Piven just updated it, and Alinsky provided the modern blueprint for winning every argument in order to shut down the opposition. Ultimate evil.

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