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    Went out last Sunday, getting ready for deer season (Oct 1!).
    Did fairly well, recoil was tolerable until I got to the short stocked rifle and that just hurt.
    The boy ain’t gonna like it but I think it’s time to give the short stock to his sister and get full size for him.

    Finally got all the messing around done and settled down behind the AR.
    “PSA Freedom” barrel, I’m impressed, right at 1″ at 100y using 75 gr handloads with the scope and firing prone.
    Pulled the scope, went to use the irons to double check them and everything is fuzzy.
    Rear sight aperture, target and front sight.

    Time to see the optometrist.
    Especially since the parts to complete the replacement AR have shipped.
    The retro piece it was going to be, shelved for the minute, practicality must take precedence.

    Anyway, the AR is going to sport glass at least until I can get the Gilmore repaired.
    Funny thing, I just stuck a BSA illuminated dot reticle scope on one of the .22’s. Better scope than I expected, it survived several years on a light .308 that chewed up better scopes.
    I think it’s going to get swapped over to the AR until I can find a scope I like.

    The Primary Arms 1-6×24 is looking good for my use, just enough magnification to work in the hunting fields, but can be dialed back for up close.
    We shall see (better!).


    FYI for those former (or current) military, has a special going right now.
    40% off on Vortex products, good for 3 months more.
    Click on the military discount link and give them a call.

    Just got an email from them also, 30% off for everyone else on the same Vortex products.

    Profile photo of

    Good info. Thanks. Sure wish Vortex offered either thermal imaging or IR night vision scopes. 40% off may be the only way I can afford one. A FLIR handheld is nice, but it won’t aim anything. Oh well….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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