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    I remember being almost heart broken in October 2012 when Congress heard the testimony of Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, who commanded the group responsible for protecting Ambassador Stevens and others in Libya. They were part of a Special Forces unit from the Utah Army National Guard. Lt. Col. Wood expressed significant concerns about the safety of Ambassador Stevens and his people, had many discussions with him about it, and he requested that his unit be extended in Libya because of what was clearly evident – increasing danger. He was refused, and they came home in August 2012. We all know what happened the following month.

    For the past three years, I have searched the internet extensively for ANY mention of Lt. Col. Wood. I’ve used multiple search engines, and gone through hundreds and hundreds of news stories and search results, and there has been NO (i.e. not a single) piece of information from or about Lt. Col. Wood after October 2012. I couldn’t find a death notice, a retirement announcement, a follow up story on something else he’d said – NOTHING for over three years now.

    That changed last night. A good friend of mine (a retired senior military officer) sent me a story done by Sharyl Attkisson from a program produced by the Sinclair Broadcast Group – probably the biggest television “network” you’ve never heard of. They own more TV stations in the US than any other person or corporation – yet who’s heard of them? And therefore, who hears about their decidedly NON-government-friendly stories? Remember Sharyl? She managed to slip one past CBS in exposing Fast and Furious, and was rewarded by having her electronic devices hacked for two years. She was finally “allowed” to resign from CBS ahead of her contract expiration. So what happened last night?

    I watched the brand new (only 2-week old) 2-part story by Sharyl Attkisson regarding new revelations about Benghazi, complete with email you never heard about even during the RECENT Benghazi hearings, in which it clearly shows that an effort was UNDERWAY to go support and rescue the people at Benghazi. And it was stopped dead in its tracks. And who, of all people, did Sharyl Attkisson finally manage to bring out of total obscurity after three years? Lt. Col. Andrew Wood. There were also some others that have considerable credibility – and all drove home the point that there were assets available, and assets already in the process of going TO Benghazi – and they were stopped dead in their tracks.

    You can watch part two by simply clicking on the link to the right of the above video, once it finishes.

    A lingering question that grew even stronger last night, given the information that’s now visible: what does General Carter Ham REALLY know about it, why was he suddenly retired, and how are they keeping him quiet? I personally believe that he started to try to rescue our people at Benghazi, but that he was very quickly stopped, and they’ve got some massive leverage on him that has prevented him from talking. Unless I’m wrong, in addition to Lt Col Wood not being interviewed in the most recent Benghazi hearing, neither was General Ham – both KEY witnesses.

    If this is not clear evidence of a massive and horribly ugly cover up, for purposes that we might almost not want to even have to comprehend, by our own government, then I don’t know what is. There is so much involved with Benghazi that we will never know, including but not limited to why Stevens met with the Turkish Consul General until just minutes before the attack, why he met him there rather than in the far better security of the actual embassy in Tripoli, what the topic of discussion was, and why the Turkish Consul General was able to easily bypass the roadblocks when he left the “consulate,” but never notified Ambassador Stevens of their existence. And all that’s just for starters. They want to scream, “Bush lied, people died!” Well in this instance, Obama, Clinton, and a whole cast of other treasonous characters lied, and more people died. And the evidence is slowly dripping out – unnoticed (by design). You won’t be seeing this plastered all over ABCNBCCBSCNNPBSFOX or NYTWaPo any time soon. It’s hidden in plain sight.

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