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    So far I dont think ive seen a more vile and realistic post-apocalyptic badass than Negan from the show The Walking Dead. The show is based on a comic book, and in the comics the negan character is fleshed out more completely (due to story completion) than on the tv show currently.

    I would say this is an A-Typical example, in live motion, of what Selco described as one of those people who could be living in our society right now, biding their time waiting for order to break down, so that they can take control. Whether the character had been Prepped physically for the breakdown of society or not, somebody like that would undoubtedly be Mentally prepared for it.

    The character commands a gang known as the Saviors. Made up of anybody rough and tumble who’s willing to kill without question. Round up the worst of the worst, the serial killers and criminals, the people who’ve had to kill nonstop to survive and have lost their moral compass, and have them all working together. Give them just enough latitude to enjoy it, and the spoils of their endeavors… give them chances to kill, make it mandatory that they have to punish others who don’t pay tribute.

    Even the character says it straight “You still use guns on the dead, you should be saving your bullets for the living, the thinking, who are much more dangerous”. Indeed despite the zombie apocalypse overtone of the show, the most dangerous threats the characters have faced past the first 2 seasons were always People, even if it was People using the zombies as a weapon. Whether it was a seeming Nice Guy leader who turned out to secretly be a psychopath, groups of Cannibals, Police who turned bad… roving groups of post-apoc nutjobs… or in this case Negan’s Saviors.

    Though I would say the Negan/Saviors group illustrated in the show more realistically defines the post-apocalyptic paramilitary than any of the other groups highlighted previously. Because of the way they’re organized that kind of group could exist whether there was zombies or not. Although it was glossed over their supposed purpose to justify all the resources they take is for protection – because they go around killing the zombies professionally – more or less all they really do is rob people blind (“half their ****”). But really all that people are doing is buying “protection” from Them so that the Saviors dont just kill them. And that’s realistic.

    Likewise at that point in the story its almost 2 years after the **** hit the fan, what few canned goods still remain to be scavenged are starting to go out of date… and people are increasingly having to turn to living off the land whenever they can. The Saviors dont grow ****, they take what other people grow.

    If you’re Prepping, this is what you have to look forward to. There will be people like this out there. Random strangers and small groups might be a threat. But gangs like these will there, and they will be in control, in whatever place they set up shop. There may be good people but there will be people like this too, and its not so simple to just shoot them.

    I found out they put up the full episode for free though you have to sign in to to view it. Here’s the link, though it can be found on google if the link isnt wanted here.

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    you mean… the walking dead heroes get another wake up call. hell yes. as for negan being just another psychopath (jap) well …. lets see who he kills in the next episode. choice of victim is a logical indicator of his convictions. he rules a band of predators so he must have some laws. are they the laws of eight as in the the postman or are they leader of the pack / survival of the alpha. rick and his group have proven to be strong so does he kill rick or kill everyone in ricks group. hard choice. i dont think the govenor would have had any trouble deciding.

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    You know Negan was based on me…..

    No really……


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    Not one of ricks group begged for mercy. Odds are Rick becomes the next leader of the pack. Otherwise they all run out of food and eventually die. The last episode is a bit like a ghengis khan movie I watched once. The group itself is unstable and they may realize the need a positive to offset a negan.

    But that’s just a bizarre theory of mine. LoL pode and antipode. The world is so screwed up if everyone in it goes insane then … There’s nothing left. Except the dead. And they don’t care.
    End of humans the virus wins.

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    Funny Sled. Negan types will have short lives, always making blood enemies and underlings wanting the top spot. Even the emperors of Rome had this problem.

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