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    There is usually game trails as well, big and small. Path of least resistance.

    Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.

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    74 wrote:

    Moron alert

    Sounds like a bad idea…<br>
    I would suggest doing this SOBER, Monkey! ;)<br>
    If you insist on following through with this plan, I would start light and add gear after a few (SEVERAL!) runs. Lets the “non-prepping” folks get used to you a little at a time. Hopefully it is a small community! :P

    Sorry I was misunderstood but thank you for the helpful advice. My intention was to wear my small book-bag sized BOB with my gear camping/survival concealed inside. The pack is small and non-threatening nor does it even appear to be a BOB but I wanted to make sure, and the only logical way to test the hide in plain sight strategy is to conduct test runs. Don’t worry I won’t be running down main street in full combat gear screaming at people “Its The End of the World!”
    I just wanted to read the peoples facial and body language to see if they even care if I am standing next to them in plain sight. I am kind of a big angry looking man and I am also working on softening my appearance as well so I can blend in when necessary.
    On this veterans day thank you to all my friends and to all others that have also served.
    DM out…


    Much as I hate to use tv as an example, Jack Jobe of Doomsday Preppers fame wanders around a Denver suburb with his pack on, extolling the prepper lifestyle. Of at least did so for the show.

    All one would have to say to anyone curious is, I’m getting ready for camping season, my pack was way too heavy last year, I need to get in shape and do some conditioning. Unless you want to make a point of showing off preps.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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