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    What is the goal of EDC gear?

    I think the goal of EDC gear is to increase your quality of life.
    Every piece of EDC gear should work toward that end. Using EDC to increase your quality of life is an ambitious goal, but there are a variety of ways to achieve that goal. Your EDC gear can increase your quality of life by:

    • Increasing your self-reliance
    • Increasing your security
    • Increasing your comfort
    • Increasing your safety

    Everyone has different goals
    People place varying amounts of emphasis on the different aspects that relate to quality of life. What is important to one person could be trivial to another.
    Some people are supremely concerned about safety. Because of this, an investment in a defensive tool would dramatically increase their quality of life.
    Others aren’t that concerned about safety, but having something on hand to listen to or read makes their life much more enjoyable.
    Some people gain supreme enjoyment from not having to rely on others. They have their pen ready when the cashier rips the receipt from the till. They have their torch ready when the power unexpectedly dies in the restaurant.
    Some people would go nuts if they didn’t have a pen and paper to write down an idea that popped into their head.
    Some people are constantly worried about how they would cut a seat-belt if they were in a vehicle accident or how they would treat someone with a medical issue. Simple tools could help to alleviate those worries and dramatically increase their quality of life.
    Maybe you plead guilty to all of the above. Maybe you are thinking of something totally different that I didn’t mention. Perfect! That’s the idea. Think about YOUR priorities!
    You will never be satisfied with EDC gear that caters to someone else’s needs, wants, and goals!
    It’s easy to look at someone else’s gear and try to copy it for ourselves, but it’s not the right way to go about it. You have an intricate combination of personal priorities that are different from anyone else in the world.
    It takes some thought to arrange these priorities and properly apply them to your gear. For now, let’s figure out what your goals are!

    What I Carry Daily-My EDC
    So what is EDC?
    “EDC” is an acronym for “Everyday Carry”. EDC refers to the gear that is carried on your person or with you all the time. This normally includes gear in your pockets, backpack, briefcase, etc.
    Most EDC gear I think is carried for one of the following reasons:
    Security – Defensive tools, keys for example
    Convenience – Mobile, torch, wallet, pen/paper
    Style – Watch
    Comfort – Handkerchief, breath mints
    Entertainment – MP3 player, e-reader
    Job/Legal Requirements – Identification
    Health/Safety – Medical gear, water bottle, medication
    A person’s choice of EDC (everyday carry) gear is intensely personal and for that reason, people often take great pride in the EDC gear that they have chosen. EDC gear should be chosen based on your individual lifestyle, environment, and individual needs. Everyday carry gear philosophy varies widely. Some approach EDC gear with an emphasis on minimalism, while others want to have equipment on hand for every possible situation.
    Typical EDC (Everyday Carry) gear can include:

    • Mobile phone
    • Wallet
    • Watch
    • Keychain
    • Writing tool
    • Flashlight
    • Pocket knife
    • MP3 Player
    • USB Key
    • Water bottle
    • Defensive tools (impact weapons, etc.)
    • GPS
    • Paper
    • E-reader
    • Laptop
    • Medical Kit/First Aid
    • Mints
    • Medical
    • Sunglasses
    • Camera
    • Child care products
    • Handkerchief

    So everything in that list is normal and things that most people already carry and the difference between them and what I carry is not only the quality but the fact that my EDC has multi-purpose uses.
    For example my tactical pen writes and my tactical torch lights up the dark and even my Timex e expedition watch tells the time as well.
    Firstly I have my Timex Expedition E-Instruments Compass Tide and temp chronograph Watch T45601which is waterproof to 100mtrs or in old money 333ft on my left wrist and my 550 paracord bracelet from paracord.com on my other.
    Depending on what I am wearing I could have my Black Hawk web duty belt with the True utility multi-tool +lite and a Stoppa Red marker spray on it which I carry whatever belt I have on.
    On my key ring I have the kaufmann-mercantile.com EDC steel tools including a mini lighter and on my feet a pair of Regatta Mens Ad-Scursion Boots which are completely waterproof and offer total protection and comfort.
    In my wallet is a Tool logic survival 11 credit card
    A Matthew Martin Tactical Pen in my personal planner
    On my back or in the car with me I carry the 1 Person BASIC Backpack Survival Kit from More prepared .com supplemented as it is designed to be by additional kit to make it what I call complete.
    That kit is

    • A UK motorway map and two local OS maps
    • A Purificup
    • Elzeta ZFL tactical Torch
    • A SOL Bivy bag
    • The Solo Stove with cotton wool and Vaseline balls stored inside
    • A Nano fire starter
    • i-shields
    • My own survival meals, tea, 3 in 1 Nescafe coffee sachets,
    • Toilet roll

    So what do you think is it too much? Is it not enough? You know whatever you think will not change what I carry just in case, for the what if’s and oh no’s.
    Have fun designing you EDC and remember multi-function and quality.

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    I think a EDC bag should reflect the disctance or difficultly requried to return home. I work about a 45 miniute walk home so I carry a weapon, first aid, multi tool, knife, light, extra key’s, money and a pen. If I’m farther way I have to consider the circumstances including different State laws for weapons.

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    Ok, well I have an EDC and for further afield I also have a Bug-out-Bag.


    Thanks, Instructor, for those lists and for the list of specific items; I want to look a number of them up on line to see if they may have an application for my situation.

    Bugs Bunny: "I speak softly, but I carry a big stick."
    Yosemite Sam: "Oh yeah? Well I speak LOUD! and I carry a BIGGER stick! and I use it, too!" BAM!

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    If you let me know your situation perhaps I can help?

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