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    So let me get this straight.

    Thousands upon thousands of criminals bussed to other parts of the country.
    Because they’re children they’re treated differently.
    They’re released and told to come back in a couple of weeks.
    And they don’t. (Who didn’t see this coming?)

    Violent criminals among them, and there’s no way to stop them.

    And places that are refusing to take them are facing federal threats?
    Federal LE going to come in and take over from local LE and force the locals to take and house the criminals.

    Another straw on a camel with a broken back.



    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the county Sheriff’s authority supersede that of the Feds?

    If that is true, and it’s what I was taught, then the local Sheriff’s should take a stand. Give the Feds NOTHING. If the Feds are bound and determined to force people to do **** against their will, then make them work for it. Don’t go along willingly – the only thing that can happen is that the Feds end up destroying their own carefully-crafted facade of “good guy”… they’ll come across as thugs working for a tyrant (and they are).

    Just one more step closer to the edge, is what this **** is… forcing people to take in or accept criminal scumbags because someone called them ‘children’… 16 year old MS13 members are not “children”…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    That’s getting interesting, eventually I’m starting to see some liberal logic in all of this :-) As some people used to say, liberalism is the greatest enemy of American Blacks (not that conservatives are any better – who “imported” those miserable humans here, in the first place?).

    My guess is, “they” will start some kind of civil war, with substantial racial element to it, and currently they are still missing an effective and ruthless counterbalance to local Blacks (apparently, Haitians do not want to fight local Blacks..) Low-class Latinos from south of the border will probably play that role.

    Very, very interesting. Exciting, I’d dare to say, would I not be afraid so much :-)))

    P.S. Stupid liberal “whities” from mixed neighborhoods will probably get what they deserve too, but that will come as a nice and unexpected bonus. Let’s watch Californian white trash turning properly “rayciss” in the process :-)


    The highest level of LE in a county is the Sheriff.
    The Feds technically have to ask permission to perform any LE duties on any land/property that isn’t “federal”.

    Manyt times there’s an agreement with the larger municipalities and counties for both mutual aid but also that they will inform of any actions taken.

    Now “federal crimes” are a different matter.
    There’s a reason the feds don’t like to talk about what they do, because it conflicts with so much locally.

    Looking at Murietta CA, the locals have taken a stand against the fed and illegals, refusing to allow the fed busses into the city.
    Protesters are blocking the streets, the mayor and city council are getting involved.

    Interesting comment there, you can’t dump a dog on the streets of Murietta but they can dump illegals.

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