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    Gypsy Wanderer Husky
    Gypsy Wanderer Husky

    Ok I forgot about this one, even though I can’t see why, I have to pass it every day in the house. This here my friend beats walking and can get into those places that your trucks and cars can’t get to. I’ll give links to where the motr kit can be bought, but I do know ebay sells them as well.

    We lets get on with it right!! Meet Black Betty.
    black betty
    Yes she is a diy project, took the hubby a week to put her together.(Note: would have only took three to four hours, but had to wait for the new motor mount) This is the kit he bought.

    this is what the specs are.

    Our SkyHawk motorized bicycle engine kits are made to easily convert a standard bicycle into a gas powered motor bike. Get around faster and save money by transforming almost any bike into a fuel efficient moped. You can get up to 60 km/h and get about 100 km per liter with our bicycle engine kits. This motorized kit can save you hundreds of dollars in gas and is a great alternative to pedaling your bike.

    Features of the Grubee SkyHawk Engine Kits

    2.75 HP Considered one of the most powerful engines in its class
    Industry leading engine considered by most as the best motors around
    This motorized bicycle engine kit comes with everything you need to turn almost any bicycle into a moped. You can start and stop your engine as you ride. You start the engine by pedaling so no rope or pulling is needed to start the engine.

    With the angle fire slant head motor the spark plug is at a 45 degree angle instead of pointing straight up. This gives the engine some more compression and can add up to an extra 5 km/h to your engine.

    GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5A Motorized Engine Includes

    GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5 Brand 2-Cycle 66cc Slant Head Bike Engine Kit
    40mm Intake Stud Spacing (Required for Boost Bottle Kits)
    2.75 HP
    Standard Engine Finish
    Friction Clutch; Pedal Start
    Magneto With Solid State CDI Ignition
    44Tooth, 9 Hole Chrome Sprocket
    5 Plate Sprocket Kit
    2.5 Liter/0.66 Gallon Fuel Tank, Tear Drop Shape (Black Color)
    Black Cat Muffler
    Push Button Clutch Lever And Cable
    Twist Throttle With Engine Kill Switch
    Improved Gas Valve
    Drive Chain Idler
    Standard NT Carburetor
    Chrome Lined Cylinder Wall
    Head With Center Fire Spark Plug
    202 Crankcase Bearings
    Needle Bearings On Piston Wrist Pin
    Standard 415 Chain
    Chain Guard
    Extra Spark Plug Included In Tool Kit
    All The Mounting Brackets, Gaskets, And Hardware Including Nylon Locking Nuts
    Mounting Plate For Larger Bike Frames
    Complete User Manual (Click here to download)
    As per legal requirement we need to accurately disclose and label the correct engine size to the customer. The long standing factory branding of the 80cc bicycle engine isn’t accurate. The true displacement of the GT5 bicycle engine kit is actually 66cc. Volume is calculated by V= pi x Radius^2 x Stroke. In Canada the volume of the cylinder is only used when calculating the engine displacement. 47mm bore x 38mm stroke is a 66cc engine. This is the largest motorized engine that exists. There is no such thing as an 80cc bicycle engine kit (This is only used as a marketing gimmick).

    All of our bicycle motor kits are now equipped with a catalytic converter exhaust with a Palladium filter insert. This greatly reduces the amount of pollutants coming out of the engine and makes our engines. No other motorized bicycle engine kit has this in Canada.

    And this is the link we have they come in two sizes, 48cc and 66cc.

    The only issue he had building it was he needed to get the Universal motor mount where the frame on this bike is wider then some others. Just to show you I’ll post the part, in case you run into the same problem.

    Here is the american site:

    Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.
    George S. Patton

    Gypsy Wanderer Husky
    Gypsy Wanderer Husky

    A friend of my hubby’s uses one of these to travel back and forth from work, he hooks up a bike trailer to it. In rush hour which takes an hour or two to get home for him by car. He can do the trip in twenty mins on this.

    Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.
    George S. Patton

    Darin Prentice
    Darin Prentice

    holy cow… this is what im looking for in the hills on forestry roads… very cool. digging into the link for more…

    Prepare, Preserve, Protect...

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