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    I’m a big fan of Mossberg shotguns. I’ve owned several over the last twenty years except for a brief stint with the Remington 870′s. I’ve apologized for my cheating ways and now I’m back in the loving embrace of a Mossberg. I added a Velcro HSGI shotshell tray to a used Mossberg 590 that I picked up recently. Here are some notes and pictures to get you on your way to duplicating this project.

    Supplies Needed
    HSGI shotshell carrier
    Industrial Strength Velcro
    91% Isopropyl Alcohol
    Utility knife
    Bunch of books to weigh down the velcro

    1) I prepped the side of the shotgun by wiping it down with Isopropyl alcohol several times and then let it dry.

    Velcro Side Saddle 1

    2) Using the ruler and utility knife I cut the Velcro a little longer than the shot shell carrier and a little shorter then the height of the side of the receiver. The size of the Velcro strip was 5 .25 inches wide and 1.5 inches high. I used scissors to round the corners so they would not curl up.

    Velcro Side Saddle 2

    3) Carefully I placed the Velcro just in front of the trigger group pins so I could have access to them when field stripping and also allow the serial number to be seen. The adhesive is very tacky so and it won’t come up once you put it down on the gun.

    Velcro Side Saddle 3

    4) I stacked several books on top of the newly laid piece of Velcro and let it sit for 24 hours until it cured.

    Velcro Side Saddle 4

    5) Once the adhesive cured I put the shot shell carrier on the shotgun and gave it a test run by pulling it off and putting it on several times. I have a shotgun class coming up shortly and I’ll give it a thorough breaking in then.

    Velcro Side Saddle 5

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    Very nice work, easy to do. Good information that I think can be used on many types of shotguns not only Mossberg.

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    Thanks Flatlanderer for instructions n pics. Nice. I like Mossberg even if not my total favorite Great post

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