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    An aspect of immigration that irritates me, be it legal or illegal, is when do-gooders bring up the old “Give Me Your Poor” Statue of Liberty quote and the fact that except for the Native Americans we are all descended of immigrants. Up until fairly recent times immigrants were expected to support themselves and assimilate. That is not the current expectation. There is no comparison to how it works today in a world of govt entitlements. It is apples and oranges.

    On yesterday’s news there was a feel good story about refugee kids (focused on a specific mother & her 4 kids from Burundi) being taught English in the Burlington, VT schools. This exchange says it all:

    Reporter Eva McKend: Is there ever a concern that when you are teaching these young people English that at the same time you aren’t contributing to an erasure of their culture and their language and all that they stand to contribute to Vermont?

    Miriam Ehtesham-Cating/ELL Director: Language and culture and identity are all woven in together, and so we never want to suggest explicitly or even implicitly that the best path to English is to eliminate the other language or the best path to becoming culturally competent and comfortable in American society is to remove or decrease your connection with your original culture.

    The multilingual liaisons like Alina Mukiza aid in that cultural preservation.

    I’m sorry but there is nothing about the culture in Burundi that can be deemed a contribution to Vermont. Meanwhile given the nature of how schools are funded in VT, I am left wondering if my property taxes are higher so as to provide programs in Burlington that implicitly include in their objectives these kids not fully assimilating. It’s bad enough if they don’t fully drop their Burundi culture but even worse if I have to pay for it.

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    Remember your phone is your electronic collar, all intel chips have built in broadcast

    a technological place could use that to sow chaos .. think if you made them walk in circles relying on gps… not first time it has been used as a military tool. learn ways you are not relying on tech and power grid

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    The “migrant” issue in Europe is well worth watching. It looks like serious problems will be forming for the displaced as well as the unwilling hosts. The numbers are stacking up in Budapest. On numerous other sites I found commentary by self appointed experts about how unnecessary and unrealistic bugging out would be in shtf scenarios. It makes me wonder how a person could ignore world history and yet still consider prepping. I don’t want to BO but there are at least 4 separate events that would or could force me to move out. Release of radiation from a nuclear power plant, pestilence (take your pick of many), overrun, and war.

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    Had a long talk with one of the daughters last night. Has a good friend in Sweden that she is going to visit soon. Told her that is a great contact to have if she feels she needs to leave country. Told her that if she felt the need to protect her daughter and herself to pull the trigger and get out. She looked at my wife, who said, “He’s right. Do not stay because of us.”

    I love my country, but feel she has lost her way, and I’m not sure she could find her way back now.

    The immigrant issue in Europe is a prime of example of the citizens in Syria and Iraq voting with their feet. I wonder how many parents around the world are having a conversation about getting out. With the lunatics from ISIS roaming the countryside, why wouldn’t they leave?

    As others of have said, you better know someone where you are going and understand what you are getting into when you get there.

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