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    Driving home last week I saw several hand made signs saying ‘Fill Dirt Wanted’. Arriving home a bit later I realized I had forgotten to buy another case of canning jars. Drat. For some reason I thought of the signs I saw. So I made myself a sign ‘Canning Jars and Practical Farm Stuff Wanted’ with my cell phone number and plopped it out by the road. (I am in the country)

    Wow! Just wow! People have been just leaving stuff by the sign- piles of canning jars (ok they almost all need washed but who cares I’d do that anyway, a Earthway seeder with some rust to clean up, a pile of big, long heavy duty chains with metal hooks, 2 Have-A-Heart animal traps, 13 dusty old wooden crates with lids wired on, …and more. Wow. I got a handful of phone calls offering to sell me old tractors and cattle troughs etc. Yes, I did get a few junk things I took to dump, but only a few things.

    I’ve left the sign up for another week. New stuff appears almost every day. Happy!

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    Great idea, around here it works in the opposite though. I use the same method to get rid of unwanted junk. Dont need a sign, just put it by the side of the road and in the moring it’s gone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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