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    So I have a replica of a 1860 colt, shoots very well… that said I was at a gun store and they had both an antique 1860 colt army in nice shape for 1,500.00 and a new colt model 1860 army that was around 800.00.
    I don’t know much about canadian laws, never been there. I think you said something about percussion cap black powder not permitted and thats what a 1860 is. What about those european air guns in .40 cal? Quite a few are semi auto and have medium to large capacity.. They get up there in velocity..

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    If you have a little garden outside the tools needed to put one in like a shovel, or hoe could be handy. The garden gives you a alibis for having the tool. Just move the soil around once a week.

    The smaller bladed spades designed for gardeners have nice wieght and balance characteristics with fairly stout handles that are hard to break. Needless to say what the blade can do.

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    PatJoe – I am so sorry you are having such a bad time of it with these creeps. As a farmer girl here it is my current frame of reference. My local ag catalog has a couple of things that might help you.

    1) Bird spikes – come in stainless steel and hard plastic in all kinds of sizes and come in colors from some manufacturers to make them ‘blend’. I use this all over the farm and not just because of the birds. They are on all the exterior windowsills of my house. They are on the tops of fences in certain areas as one layer of deterence not just for people but all the critters out here. Easy to install. Not very expensive. Legally, you are deterring birds and cats not people right? See an example here and then you can google for other places to get/styles/composition. You can take strips of these, and on the inside of a window start at top and nail the strips, spikes facing out, and nail them all the way down the frame on particularly vulnerable windows. If you have a roll up shade behind it – it’s not directly visible from street (like fortress look) but closer up an intruder would see it.

    2) Top Guard – I have had to use a top guard in the past on a fence because of critters and kids trying to jump a fence to take a shortcut through a garden. See pic for what it is. I used cheap 2′ wide chicken wire once. (The idea when you attach it to the guard is to make it droopy not taught so that an animal can’t gain a footing to spring from/get caught up in it if they try to cross it. I threw all my rose bush and barberry cuttings up on it as well. That worked. Less unsightly yet equally effective is draping black or bird netting attached to the top guard. It would probably also catch any drug paraphanalia tossed over your fence.

    3) Check out cattle prods from a local ag dealer as a weapon – I think they are ‘legal’ to possess in Canada if they are 19″ and over? You’d have to double check that. This is a link to mine (I do use it when loading/moving cattle if needed) – but also carry it with me on the ATV everywhere on farm – and turned on when I am walking in the woods on property to hit the copper head snakes with.

    Haha! I’ll keep an eye out about the place today and see what other wicked things we have out here that might help you. HTH in some small way.

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    Very good Husky, thanks!
    Nice, simple, usable and hidden in plain sight.

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    Thanks again, everybody. If we could afford to move, we’d leave here tomorrow. You gave us a lot of usable info that will make our forced stay with the young offenders easier. Our options are limited because they range in age from 14 to 17 and we would be legally considered the aggressors. (Doesn’t matter that the oldest is 6 feet tall, weighs 200 pounds, and has a criminal record.) The fire inspector told us the next time the kids set a fire, we could appeal to have them charged as adults. Apparently, kids who both torture animals and set fires are taken more seriously because they are statistically more likely to offend as adults.

    We ordered thorny “ornamentals” from the garden nursery and are costing out your other suggestions. The neighbourhood teenagers stole the security lights and smashed the camera on our front porch in October, so that’s another $280 down the drain.

    Found these books that might be of interest to you:

    Fighting the Pain Resistant Attacker by Loren Christensen

    Humane Pressure Point Self-Defense for Law Enforcement, Medical Personnel, Business Professionals, Men and Women by George Dillman

    The kids are mellow when they just smoke marijuana and drink beer with their mother. The trouble starts when they smoke crack and combine methamphetamine (PCP) with Ecstasy. They stay awake for days and get very agitated. The investigating officer looked at us like we are dumb and said, “Kids start smoking pot in the school yard in this neighbourhood in Grade 3.” News to us. Time to leave.



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    Thorny plants in front of windows and in areas you want people to stay out of work well. Not sure if it grows in your climate, but a Bougainvillea has a nasty thorn about an inch long. The tip will break off easily and fester causing pain.

    Mr. Red
    Mr. Red

    I just re-read the initial post here and I’ve got a problem with this

    It would cost $3,000 for me to buy a long gun and get basic training, IF I could get a license. A handgun license is almost impossible to obtain

    You could get an un-issued Chinese SKS and 1000+ rnds of ammo for UNDER 500 dollars. Licenses are easy to obtain (just a few weeks ago my nephew got his under 18 kids license). To own a handgun you just have to do the same course but which also goes over restricted firearms (Then you’d have an R-PAL, which is Restricted Possession and Acquisition License).

    If you do wish to get into owning firearms for the whole prepping stuff (and for fun because they can be fun), you should go to your nearest Gun Club or store and they’ll be more than happy to help you in your quest. Well, unless you’re legally unable to own firearms, in which case this post just wasted a little bit of your life lol

    Canadian Patriot. Becoming self-sufficient.

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    well if you cant get a gun for what ever reason  there are two things you should do  for defense then at least against  the neighbor types you speak of there is it is my choice in pepper spray  once it hits  you cant wipe it off it just re foams like  shaving cream, second  is there are places that teach Krav Maga, you need to  find one that  has you fight the other students, no other way to  train for  real fight  than being hit and be hit back. Always try to find the best student to spar with…. less likely you will get hurt they have better control and you learn more  for  fighting better opponent. Make sure you fight bigger faster stronger people male and female . losses now  mean nothing other than you learn in real life one chance make sure you have it right.


    I dont suggest going to asian martial arts for weapon training/fighting for the unschooled too many look good but useless  teachers teaching sport not combat. If you want to know what works in real life  only learn the  banned  things from  tournaments, they are ones that  maim cripple and injure. i dont play for sport, but to win.


    the thorny plant thing sort of works if you are going with that motif and want to  do the food thing black berry briar or raspberry are nasty thorns as well but have food value,


    with shooting, range time is golden but many forget shooting at a  non moving paper target is not at all what will happen. Find another venue to  practice  combat type shooting ranges wont allow it  in most cases.



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    Ghost Prime

    What boggles my mind is that so few countries allow even law abiding citizens to actually have the means of defending themselves against all types of threats, from perverts to serious murderous animals (two legged variety). Here in Tx, our solutions are easy. Have multiple weapons, always loaded and cocked, and be mentally ready to use them in an emergency. I cannot imagine NOT having the ability to defend myself, nor would I tolerate it.

    The fact that so many countries prohibit their “citizens” from keeping and bearing arms really means their “citizens” are actually “subjects” who are under the complete control of government. I do not understand why those countries do not revolt today to arrest the criminals in office who deny the citizens their God-given right to self defense.

    Why not start a global movement to force governments (at least civilized ones) to acknowledge the God-given rights of People? It would solve a great deal of problems as the criminals in government would be so worried about keeping the Citizens happy they would not have time to muck about making wars and other evil acts to suit their own evil ends.

    For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!

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