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    Believe I have the ‘cooking’ thing covered in various ways after SHTF but it is the baking part am still working on. Can use the woodstove/oven box but want alternatives. Planning on building a clay outdoor oven this summer as add on to my simple outdoor canning kitchen (heat here horrible in summer – already using it to can).

    Anyway, heard about these from a friend, made one yesterday -will try out tonight and let y’all know how it works. Was simple/quick. Anyone made one/have cooking tips for tonight’s inaugural meal?

    ‘Regardless of size, shape, or region of origin, all tandoor ovens operate on essentially the same principle. The ovens are made of clay with some sort of insulating material like concrete or mud on the outside. They are cylindrical and often curve inward toward the top like a beehive or jug to concentrate the heat. A top opening left clear to allow access and ventilation.

    A fire is built in the bottom, which heats both the walls of the oven and the air inside to upwards of 900° Fahrenheit! Before cooking, the fire is allowed to die down to coals so that the temperature remains consistent while food is cooked.

    Flatbreads like naan get slapped against the sides of the oven (as in the image above). They adhere to the super-heated surface, cook very quickly, and are peeled off when they’re done. Meats are usually cooked on long skewers that are either inserted directly into the oven or cooked over the mouth of the oven.

    One of the biggest advantages of these ovens is that once they are heated, they will maintain a consistent high temperature for hours with very little additional fuel. This is a big plus in parts of the world where fuel is scarce.’

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    Very interesting set up. Reminds me of a raku kiln. Looking at the pictures I think a lid could be used to trap heat and slow the burn rate just like using a charcoal grill. A terracotta water tray with a hole in the center used under pots matching the fire box could be used for that purpose.

    I can envision some burned hands taking the bread out of one of these.


    Ooooh, thank you for this great post. Love Tandoori naan, and tandoori chicken.

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    tweva, Great setup, I can do that. Thank you.


    Hah! A smaller version of this is the most common oven street vendors use in my area. You can buy these small round ovens / grills everywhere for about a dollar. We used it for some very basic bbqs and they get their job done.

    Only cooking tip I have is to wait long enough that it gets heated up properly. It is fantastic for smaller bbqs and does keep the heat for a good amount of time. It gets so hot that wooden skewers are a big no no of course.

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