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    Earlier this evening we got the call that all grandparents dread. One of our children called to ask us to add our prayers to theirs and others. Our just-engaged-this-weekend grand daughter and her fiance went out in his new Jeep, looking for nice areas to take some nice engagement photos. They went up in the hills/mountains near their home. And then they were gone for HOURS after anyone could possibly have thought they’d been gone. These are two really good kids who just don’t operate that way. But a deep, unexpected snow bank in a fairly remote (and non-cell service) area combined to strand them, unable to get out of the snow no matter what they tried, with nightfall closing in. Fiance’s father called our grand daughter’s family, HOPING the two were at that house. That confirmed everyone’s worst fears. And nobody knew anything other than the very general area they intended to go.

    The second call just came in – someone finally happened to be up in the same relatively remote area – with a chain. All is well. Prayers answered.

    And hopefully the preparedness lesson was learned: when going out in a poorly traveled area, with or without snow, make sure there is adequate water, shelter, and warmth-retaining material/clothing if cold (it’s VERY cold out there right now – freezing temps before sunset, with more snow moving in), lighting, etc. A short pleasure drive has killed more than one person…. The Boy Scout motto is appropriate ALL the time. As a former Air Force pilot, the lesson that was drilled into us, and that we drilled into our students when I was an instructor, is that complacency is one of THE top killers.

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    I am glad that all is well. They will hopefully use this experience to fill in any established gaps in their “oh crap” planning in the future. It is amazing how quickly those dependent upon city type services quickly become a touch “prepper” once they experience something that could have killed them.

    Again, I am very happy that your family was spared.

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    Thanks, Sledjockey – me too. I’m looking forward to attending their wedding and watching their family (and therefore ours) grow (4½ great grandbabies already!). These are really good kids, and they deserve a chance to continue to make the world a better place. Our grand child has already done more in under 20 years than most people will do in a lifetime of self-centered existence. It would have been more than just a tragic personal loss if somebody hadn’t come by with a chain not long before dark.

    Some of the best lessons I learned as a pilot were from the emergencies that happened – not in the classroom. But I have always remembered the seven “P”s of flying that turned out to apply to virtually everything else in life:

    Proper Preflight Planning Prevent P___ Poor Performance.

    [Of course there was the other saying we had drilled into our heads: “If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, we can make a pilot out of you. LOL]

    Nuf sed. ;-)

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    On top of old smokey I lost my true love…. Many romances don’t last beyond the first road trip to nowhere.

    First and last fight.

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