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    • Why did you get it?
    • What do you like about it?
    • What dont you like about it? How could it be improved?
    • How did you hear about it?
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    • How did it help you in the past? (Personal experience of using it)

    1. Bark River Gameskeeper II
    2. Got it for hunting and general purpose.
    3. Likes: Fits my hand perfectly. Desert Ironwood grip is almost indestructable – almost the hardest, densest wood on earth. Blade is almost 1/4″ thick A2 tool steel. Concave grind, not convex, which supports the edge like a Katana’s blade does. Absolutely razor sharp – will cleanly shave the hair from your arm, but the blade is strong enough to cleave through bone. Nice oiled leather sheath.
    4. Dislikes: susceptible to rust, like all high carbon steel is. Other than that, I cannot think of one improvement I would add or change.
    5. Heard about it by haunting Bark River’s website. Waited till a production run was made, then bought it.
    6. Bought it from a Bark River dealer… can’t remember the name…
    7. Have used it on every hunting trip for the last few years. From the biggest job to the smallest, it can handle it. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is chopping down a tree with it (and I never will).

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    Rowan McDirk
    Rowan McDirk

    Bark River is able to combine function and beauty. This one looks fantastic!

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