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    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Robin wrote:</div>OFG – how many times have you run across a wall hanger that has no serial numbers? Friend has one, Colt wheel gun, that is chromed and pearl inlays. Never seen or heard of one like that!<br>

    Pre-68, serial numbers weren’t required.

    But Colt’s were serial numbered from the syart.
    The exceptions were often lunchbox guns, taken home and assembled part by part.

    Or the number was removed, with a modern gun that’s a chargable offense.

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    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Robin wrote:</div>OFG – how many times have you run across a wall hanger that has no serial numbers? Friend has one, Colt wheel gun, that is chromed and pearl inlays. Never seen or heard of one like that!<br>

    Every Colt ever made has a serial number–low quality revolvers from other manufacturers oftentimes didn’t. The finish on the example your buddy has is nickel–guns that were nickel plated after leaving the factory were polished by whoever did the plating. Often the polish made the numbers, Patent dates etc very faint, and the plating (usually copper first then nickel over that) would have finished obliterating the markings on the gun. Without a serial number, it would be hard to determine it’s age, therefore the advisability of using ammo with smokeless powder in the weapon (assuming it’s shootable) is questionable. If a screw enters the frame from the front to lock in the base pin (around which the cylinder revolves), it’s a black powder frame–although some of the later black powder frames were useable with smokeless powder, I wouldn’t risk it . If the locking screw enters the frame from the side, then it’s a smokeless powder frame. Use ONLY cowboy-action ammo in an old Colt, as the pressures built up by standard modern ammo may crack the cylinder.

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    we have two different set of “mindframe” and “scenario”
    first scenario…
    SHTF in slow motion ( economic degradation / depression, social unrest, etc )
    in this scenario we have a chance to survive in the city ( like Selco did few decade ago )
    the second scenario…
    SHTF struck us like a thunder
    nuclear war
    i know… many of us nearly forget
    ( or maybe doesn’t believe that global nuclear war are imminent
    and still convince that our gov can stop it )
    that’s why i have different plan on different scenario
    if we must choose what the biggest threat if we are in city
    from nuclear war, economic collapse, social unrest or other “conventional” war
    our biggest and toughest to deal with are nuclear war
    because we don’t have an experience about it before ( or never heard before )
    nuclear war are difficult to understand
    because its different with “conventional” war
    it’s trigger, timing and magnitude are way-way different
    in conventional war, we have a year ( at least few month ) to prepare
    and few week to make a decision to stay or flee
    in nuclear threat we only have days
    to make a decision to “evacuate” our family
    so it’s a matter of hour vs days we are talking about
    the bad news are we only have hours, after the first strike no matter where it take place
    every nuclear capable country, they have hard choice… to strike now… or few hour later
    no matter what … there is no turning back
    whether your country strike first or last… there will be the same… everything toast
    in conventional war we can escape in a matter of days
    even we can escape on foot and hide somewhere ( in abandoned house, in the rubble,etc )
    but in nuclear strike, we pray that we are not in the wrong time and in the wrong place
    even the deepest bunker still have to deal with post nuclear strike ( radiation )
    the only safe place are at least 50 km from the near city, military installation or public utility
    so we still have lot of choice… but limited time
    but how to convince our family to evacuate in this such limited time ?
    ( if they didn’t believe the strike will happened… or to avoid psychological stress for kids )
    there is many way, one of them are take a insidental “picnic”
    or make “sudden agenda” to goes to grand pa, grand ma or other relatives in the village
    and we pray that… in that day, we have unavoidable trip to village or our relatives ( which is safe place )
    so we don’t have to argue with our wife or kids about this trip
    in this scenario, we have tough decision to pick only few “posession” that we can carry
    we can pick which have multi function and its effectiveness
    if we are forced to make new life, at least we have something to easier our life ( even thrive because we have it )
    and we don’t want lot of question or lot of busy in prepare them ), so the list are :
    1. document and copy of that ( in two separate case or bag )
    2. cash ( and lot of coin or little denomination bill )
    3. gold and silver ( this is the only liquid asset that we can carry by bag )
    ATM, check book, mobile / internet banking are useless because it’s require “third party” to make transaction done
    4. cellphone / smartphone, laptop, flash disk or removable hard drive
    5. basic health care or emergency KIT
    6. portable solar cell ( 10-50 Watt ) + SLA battery / deep cycle, and we can have mini version of it in BOB
    7. flash light ( at least 3 in different form and size )
    8. lighter, match and candle ( at least 3 in different form and size )
    9. portable multiband radio ( FM, AM, SW )
    10. manual tool ( wrench, screwdriver, rope, saw, drill, hand air pump, etc )
    without them we cannot fix our car or start new life from zero if we are forced to
    11. few clothes ( enough for limited trip… to avoid a lot of “busy” packing and loading if we carry lot of clothes… we can buy or barter it later if we need to have )
    12. and of course water and food just enough to 1-3 day trip
    ( dont’ worry, in rural or even suburban area local market or store still available…
    even after actual nuclear strike are happened ) or we can buy / barter directly with local farmer or even our own relatives who have farmland
    village or rural area are more “shockproof” ( by electric disruption, supply disruption, nuclear strike in city, economic collapse, social unrest in city, etc ). so we still have “time” to act in village
    because of lot of thing that we will carry ( even they are only a portion of what we have )
    we still need to “categories” them, or make it a special pack
    1. Asset pack ( cash, gold, few silver )
    2. High Priority bag… or Bug Out Bag
    this is only pack that we can carry if we are forced to pick which is higher priority
    ( document, cash, gold, silver, multitool, flashdisk, flashlight, 1 or 2 gas lighter, smartphone, AA, Li ion 18650 rechargeable battery and 1-5 W mini solar cell ), 1 pair of clothes and few food + water )
    3. Health care and emergency KIT pack
    4. electronic pack ( radio, laptop, etc )
    5. manual tool pack ( wrench, saw, etc )
    6. electricity pack ( 10-50 W solar cell, SLA battery, inverter )
    7. clothes bag
    8. food and water pack
    we have 8 different pack that we prepared before
    so in actual evacuation we can pick and load in less than 10 minutes

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    Ghost Prime

    Selco, i went back and read your post of May 16 again. Thank you for your insight. What struck me was your last remark about what is possible vs. what is easier. That is an important observation as it gets back to the notion that those who are better prepared should have a better chance to survive than those less prepared, whether they be in the city or in a rural area.

    My gut instinct has always been that the rural areas will be much more desirable, largely by virtue of their ability to raise crops and wild animals. Plus water and sanitation would be far superior to any available in a city. In the end, based on the thoughts and experiences of those in this specific discussion, I have concluded that for me and my family, we will be in a remote, rural area where we can become self-sufficient and be well defended against ALL enemies.

    The challenge now becomes finding enough good Christians who can already see what is coming plus who want to be as prepared as possible when the SHTF.

    Thanks for starting and maintaining this website. For those who implement the preparations discussed in here, they should at least have a better chance than the vast majority to survive, no matter how bad things become. As much as I despise what the criminals in DC and other governments are doing to us, I know we can prevail IF we place our reliance upon God, pray to Him for guidance, than act in the firm belief that He always help those who help themselves.

    For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!


    Sure Ghost Prime, thanks for contributing here.
    At the end it all comes to your brain and skills, but yea, being rural means usually less people and more resources, and that is good combination

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    Easy way for people to grow abundant food in an apartment:

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    Ghost Prime

    Anselm, very interesting. I have read about vertical gardening but this is a different approach. I like it!

    For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!

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    Anselm, Interesting information to know, thanks for the link.

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    I have always said its not the event that will necessarily kill you, its the actions and reactions of other people that will.

    British Survivalist.

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