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    GS and Tolik, Agree on the not totally trust Trump on everything but I have a question for the two of you, who is trust worthy of all the ones running right now. I find that each have something. Right now I see three on top, Trump way on top then Cruz and Rubio. Carson went way down and I am not sure about Rubio since he went down some too.

    Trump and Cruz are the only ones going up in the polls. We will see.

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    who is trust worthy of all the ones running right now.

    While I can never trust what the “news” media feeds me, the appearance seems to be that the only one I’d trust would be Dr. Carson. Rand Paul? Fuggedaboutit! I watched what he did throwing his father under the bus, and he can’t even maintain an even demeanor and articulate positions well enough to “grab” people. Wouldn’t give you 2¢ for any of the rest of them. Can Carson win? That’s a different question than COULD Carson win. He can’t, because the “news” media is very effectively doing its job directing everyone’s attention to penny-ante complaints (which often turn out to have zero substance or legitimacy) about Carson. Example: his pyramids as wheat storage (guess what – there ARE some pyramids that were used exactly for that purpose – they just weren’t the “Great Pyramids” that everybody thinks about. Or some other totally out of context comment he made that, when taken in context, gives a whole different meaning. Or his comment about Jefferson and the Constitution. I don’t know what that one was all about, because it was correct in his book. But of course, none of the “regular people” have ever made a comment and then wondered why in the world it ever even came out of their mouths…. But what are Carson’s (already well stated) positions? In fact, what are the positions, in detail, for most of the candidates? That’s not what the “news” media is focusing on, as they shape the public’s attitude to determine yet another election.

    COULD Ben Carson win? In a real debate, following debate rules, and with sufficient time to lay out plans, programs, reasons, etc., I believe Carson could run circles around Clinton, and could expose Bernie Sanders for what he truly is, and always has been: a radical socialist. But don’t tell the media that – they are doing an outstanding job of peripherally mentioning the “S” word, then joking it off as a no-big-deal items because, after all, he’s got relatively decent poll standings, and after all, he’s running in one of the two mainstream parties! So, he has to be OK. I believe that Carson could shine if given sufficient time to flesh out his positions, properly respond to his critics, and I would LOVE to see him in a true (as in the way it’s taught in college) debate with Hillary! I’d certainly believe him in a heartbeat over her. Unfortunately, the cards are staked such that he won’t be allowed to win. They’re doing a “Ron Paul” on him.

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    Of any of them Cruz has benn stalwart in his actions. The current bit coming out is BS by a bunch of low life’s I wouldn’t trust to sell me a used car. If Trump wins so be it. I hope he goes to Washington with a battle axe and cuts out all the deadwood deadbeats. Trust anyone in government? Not a chance, haven’t since the Vietnam war. Untill the internet came around it was really hard separate the wheat from the chaff. Even now the spin is hard to see through if they hold back most of the truth.

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