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    First the Pentagon announced that Iran had taken two US riverine command boats (RCB) “into custody,” US “officials” (whoever they are…) also said that one of the two broke down near Iranian waters and “drifted” until Iran took both boats into custody.

    Now we’re told by both the Iranian and US governments that they had “navigation” system (GPS) problems and were unintentionally off course (A.K.A. lost). They left Kuwait on a routine mission, on their way to Bahrain, more than 250 away (but straight down the Saudi coast line).

    Farsi Island is right smack in the middle of the Persian Gulf – about 65 miles east of Saudi Arabia, and the same distance west of its owner, Iran. At absolute top speed, it would have taken these boats 1½ hours to go from the Saudi coast out to Farsi Island. Even shaving off 12 miles for Iran’s “territorial waters,” still over an hour – not exactly a straight line course from Kuwait to Bahrain, hugging the Saudi coastline

    Somehow, magically, they BOTH just happened to lose contact with their people (US Navy) at the same time, coincidental with one or both either losing an engine, or losing their GPS, or whatever…. And all this just before the man about to loosen the purse strings on Iranian assets is about to extol his virtues to the American people. And assuming the GPS issue was actually the correct excuse for veering that far off course, those boats were easily capable of outrunning almost anything on the water that might be approaching them from hostile territory. Then again, there may have been air power involved that we never heard about. Strafe heavily on all sides of both boats, nobody gets hurt, everybody gets the message, and POOF! Custody. Which still doesn’t address the failure to communicate (jamming involved?).

    Then Iran just flagrantly violated the Geneva Convention with photos, images of US passports being thumbed through, and a nice, soft, taped confession by our brave lieutenant (boat commander), who told how well they were treated by the Iranians as he also flagrantly violated the Code of Conduct – without a visible bruise on him or anyone else. Now they’re all safe and sound in US hands, complete with their boats (that magically were also able to leave Iranian waters quite nicely – probably through the goodness of the Iranian Navy with their ample stock of US Navy spare parts kept there at their own naval facility on Farsi Island – just in case they ever needed them). And we’re still being told they were not mistreated, and were even given blankets for their brief overnight stay, and were fed. How hospitable!

    Next the President didn’t so much as even mention the ongoing incident in his State of the Union yawnfest. He had the entire Congress there, could have briefed them on what was known about the holding of 20 US Navy personnel (including one woman) and their boats and equipment – but instead smoothly sailed through the entire “short” speech without so much as a mention of the situation.

    But now they’re back, safe and sound, while the other Americans continue to linger in Iranian prisons, no end in sight.

    Anybody remember those little exercises in grade school, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

    (I’ve been unable to find any mention of just how much was actually returned. Was it empty shells of boats, only some equipment, or everything the US Navy supplied their Sailors with when they left Kuwait?)

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    With this administration I don’t see why they would have to secretly transfer anything. These guys have been using military assets to move all sorts of things and fly places that we are “not supposed to go.” I guess if it isn’t against sharia law, Obamination doesn’t care for that is the only law he cares about.

    Not that I am saying you are wrong….. I just don’t trust these guys after their blatant disregard for US law.

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    I hear you, Sledjockey. I don’t trust EITHER side (with the part of the US side I don’t trust being the “suits” in D.C.). It appears to me that neither side is saying what really happened, and that it’s just another carefully choreographed “game,” and We the People have no right to know ‘nuthin ’bout ‘nuthin.

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