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    I know that most here are more focused on the more political reasons that S may HTF but the reality is that something much less sinister may be lurking, mother nature. I lived in Florida in 2004 when four hurricanes hit in one year and three of them were glancing blows to my area. I bugged out for one and bugged in for two. The only one that really mattered was the one that happened when my wife was at work (Active duty Air Force) she was at work when it hit and they tried to let the staff from the base hospital leave but she got flooded in her jeep and the base fire department had to get her and take her back to the hospital.

    So now I’m at our apartment on Davis Island and was fortunate enough that there was one guy in our small building that had a jacked up 4X4 and able to get us to the grocery store of course I was younger then and I believe we did get the major food groups, Barley (thats a grain right?) Hops I joke but not really. We did all buy food and coolers and ice but we bought a lot of beer.

    I point this out because Selco has talked about how part of why he didn’t bug out in time was the fact that (and I don’t remember his exact words) but he was drawn to see what was going to happen. We partied like it was 1999 (sorry if you don’t get the Prince reference) until it wasn’t fun anymore. Five days without power doesn’t seem like much until you don’t have it. Summer time heat after the storm was over and you couldn’t leave your 2nd floor apartment because of the flooding not fun. That was initially what opened my eyes to prepping.


    I have long advocated planning for the emergencies that happen, as once you are prepped for that, you are generally prepped for the unusual.

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