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    So. Needing to make best use of funds must get creative to use what I have to put up barrier and ‘funnel’ (I am really trying to learn/figure this stuff out) bad guys in areas that could be better defended. Today we created more brush from trees we needed to trim/had come down during winter. (Second year) Now is a good time to make these because there are no leaves on them, makes it easier to do. Takes 3 people for us. Best to wear face protection as when using chain saw – and gloves

    Instead of burning brush as neighbors do we have been using a chain saw to cut the canopy parts of downed trees in the spring into 6 – 12 foot sections. 4-6 feet wide. Manageable size for one person to drag about/manipulate. We remove 8-10″ worth of branches if there from both ends so it can be moved (one person each end)
    With a pole through a roll of barb wire, one person takes end, wraps in duck tape a little,stands on the end, the other rolls out a section horizontally three times or so as long as the thing is wide.

    Drag the (must be manageable) section of brush vertical to the wire, close to end where wire being stood upon. Then section is ‘rolled’ ?, well manhandled/turned down the wire adjusting as in a spiral, as needed to loosely wrap around it.
    Very small piece duck tape put on final area we want it to end (so we know where loose ends are/not catch ourselves on it as we put in place), then clip the wire.

    Goes pretty fast once you have the sections cut.

    With one person each end we move them.
    Some are layed sideways on ground, some are dug in and ‘planted’ in ground in a sort of hedgerow where needed. Last years wire iand barriers have, leaves, twigs and a few vines are also now caught in them. Also used some to lay across sections of seasonal creek (but deep banks) at places most likely try and cross it. No deer fell in, so maybe bad idea,…or maybe deer smart.
    Figure it can only help.
    Very amateur, clueless-but-trying, ‘defender’ person here thought she’d share for what is worth.

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    I don’t think that’s clueless at all. There have been times when I’ve had a woods campsite and people just walk right in without warning, even when its not their land. I’ve thought of putting up signs to Keep out bad dog, or using alarms. This brush fence seems more practical as its also a camo deterrent. You control their access and if they want in they have to play by your rules or cut their way thru, which isn’t easy with that kind of brush. Bugging out to the woods is what a lot of people are planning to do if it becomes necessary. It really is one of the quickest ways to become invisible lol.

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