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    If you haven’t seen this you should check it out. When you are on the site use the calendar on the left, the map will show you where you traveled each day. Under the map is a blue chart that shows how long you were at each location. If this information was to be shared it might ruin your day.

    Log in to Google if you aren’t logged in already(computer or phone, it doesn’t matter).
    Go to

    How to Disable Location Services on an Android:

    Go to “Settings”.
    Under “Personal”, it will say “Location”. Click it.
    Go to “Google Location Reporting”.
    You can now choose to turn off both “Location Reporting” and “Location History”, if you wish.

    If you’re on an IPhone:

    Go to “Settings”.
    Find “Privacy”, and select “Location Services”.
    Disable all Location Services.
    Go to “System Services”. From here you can deny location data to apps, turn off “Frequent Locations” and “Popular Near Me”.

    If you want to make sure previous history is wiped out, you need to hop on to your computer.

    Return to
    Go to the left sidebar and “Delete all history”.

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    I’m glad I don’t have a smart phone, just a cheap flip phone with a prepaid plan from Verizon on account we don’t have cell phone coverage at the house and I can’t see spending the money for a smart phone that’ll hardly ever get used. As it is I only make a call on average every month or so with the phone I have when I am traveling somewhere. I don’t have a tablet or any of those type devices either. I just use a desktop in my home office and a laptop in a docking station connected via VPN to the work office, both sharing a keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer via a KVM Switch. We have a landline house phone and a dish for the TV & internet. We keep an old rotary dial phone for use when the power goes out.

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    Nothing is eventually free, every “pleasure” requires to be paid for.

    Funny, it is getting harder and harder to get a regular, basic, old school, not smart-, phone at any of the

      big ones

    (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon you name it).

    As former Soviets say, whoever “dines&wines” a girl, should have the expected right to “dance” her too…

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