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    Gypsy Wanderer Husky
    Gypsy Wanderer Husky

    Here is its info:
    Description & FeaturesMono-crystalline technology solar cells and standby switch lets you charge the case’s built-in lithium ion battery pack.Built-in battery back has a capacity of 2700mAh. This solar powerstation is designed to charge all small electronic devices such as iphone, ipod, blackberry and USB devices.1 hour of solar charging equals up to 25 min. talk time, 20 min. Internet use, 35 min. video playback and 145 min. audio playback.All accessories are included: ipod/iphone, micro USB, blackberry, charger, universal connectors.The SP-10 is a multi-function solar charger with a built-in high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It charges automatically in sunlight or via USB device. At night, it utilizes the stored charge from the internal battery. It’s great for mobile phones, digital cameras and other digital products.

    This unit includes:

    • USB Output Port
    • LED Work Lights
    • USB Charging Port
    • Output Cable
    • USB charging input cable
    • Assembled product dimensions: L 3.13 inches x W 1.75 inches x H 7.50 inches x W 0.44 pounds


    • Product Length3.13 Inches
    • Product Width1.75 Inches
    • Product Height7.5 Inches
    • Product Weight0.44 Pounds

    Product Identifiers

    • Walmart Item #30687786
    • UPC 2666681088
    • MCN 1335171
    • Group # 6000104225879
    • SKU 10229758

    Ok so this thankfully I didn’t buy. But it was bought for each of the kids in the group for Easter. So us parents all set them all up and got them ready to use as the youngest using it would be 7 the oldest 16.
    We spent all day in the sun charging, then proceeded to charged one iPod for 3 minutes and then was out of power. On to the next charger, the charging light came on indicating it was charging, tried to charge my phone…2 minutes later the charger was dead again not impressed by this brand…not at all. The reason these were bought was for each ones backpacks as a charging device incase cells died at school or in a emerg.

    None of the parents who had one given, where impressed at all. And the buyer is taking them all back asap.

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    One of my classes was on solar panels , you can go to radio shack and get all the components you need to build up one for something like what you want it for , they are actually very simple , just look up solar panel connection : watts , series vs. parallel . ………..that will tell you how to solder the panels together to get what you need .

    Mr. Red
    Mr. Red

    When I finally throw some money into getting a small scale solar power set up like this, I’m probably going to grab me up something by GoalZero. Their products seem to be the best for smaller stuff.

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    Heard a lot of good things about goal zero , out here anything solar will do well .


    For the solar charging stuff you have to buy really high quality panels. The cheap options are still pretty crap. Goal zero is good. I have the 6.5W version of this solar set here.

    It provided me with energy for all my electronic devices (tablet, gps, smartphone) during several multi day hikes with mixed weather. I just attach it to the top of my backpack and it fully charges my smartphone during a day walking.

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