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    While visiting a new store that just opened up near my home, I came across a product that caught my eye.  It’s called the EZ towel.  Comes in a bag of 50.  They also include a carry tube that holds 9 towels.

    These towels are 100% rayon.  They are about the size of a nickel but much thicker.  You just add water and they expand.  Unroll and you have a wet wipe.  Great concept.  very packable and easy to use.  Doesn’t require much water and it is ready to go in 5 seconds.

    They are pretty durable and space saving.  Really like the concept and these puppies are in my bag now.  You can view these towels at http://www.eztowel.com

    The price online is $8.99 per 50.  I paid $4.99 at the store I found them in.



    Thats kinda like the light load towels , I have several of the light load towels spread out all over in my gear . Your right , they are very handy ,  take up almost no space , and  weigh nothing .


    Pretty cool, thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know about them. I have a typical microfiber travel towel that works alright. But disposable items make a lot of sense from a hygienic point of view for short and medium term survival scenarios.

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    Cajun – awesome heads up brother, thanks!  Like Jay, I’ve got several microfiber towels also of various sizes as they are just as absorbent as a huge cotton towel and take up maybe 10th the space.  They also dry super quick and have some type of properties that keep them from getting “funky” if you know what I mean.  I’d seen the cotton ones that are bigger than this, but these are an improvement.

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    I like them, they are cheap and easy to carry.

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