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    When talking about camping or wilderness bug out , one will hear about the tomahawk , sooner or later . I have to agree , you can get a very expensive one , which is fine , or you can save some money and buy the Cold Steel pipe hawk . I love this thing and actually use it for more than outdoor situations . The shape of the pipe hawk bites into wood very deep , with not a lot of effort ( as opposed to a hatchet , which is two or more times the work effort for same result . The strong inward curve on the blade , and long , this profile , make it a natural for effective chopping .

    One feature that the pipe hawk also has s a hammer pull . If you have a hammer pull on your tomahawk , you will be surprised at how much you will use it , matter of fact , I use it as a light framing hammer around the house . The handle is made of Hickory , and is 22” long , that gives you a very good solid swing . As a traditional hawk , its designed to slide off the haft with a quick tap . This is so you can use the head as a cutter , a hand scraper , grinder , etc . , or a wedge for busting bigger logs . It is not expensive , and is as basic as you get , you may have to do a little bit of grinder to make sure the haft fits snug , Other than that , its a good hawk for the price .

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