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    Stories about Terry – History of the South African Special Forces

    Obviously, there are many stories to be told about Terry and his long and happy relationship with the Recces.

    One night, one of the Operators was tasked to give Terry some food, as he was occasionally fed while at Fort Doppies. This particular Operator did not appreciate being tasked to do this job in his free time, and was quite annoyed. Taking the meat for Terry, he went to look for him, and found him not far outside the front gate of Fort Doppies.

    It appeared to the Operator that Terry was in an uncharacteristically bad mood, as he growled at the Operator, and made striking movements with his front paws. Terry also didn’t look in good shape. The Operator was also not in a good mood at having been tasked to feed Terry, and this unusual and annoying behavior towards him by the Lion further annoyed him.

    The Operator therefore unceremoniously threw the meat towards Terry instead of taking it right up to him, and stood there shouting at the Lion for a few minutes. He then went back into Fort Doppies and walked into the pub – where he saw Terry sitting at the feet of the other Operators.

    The Operator had found, fed and shouted at a wild lion.

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    Gypsy Wanderer Husky
    Gypsy Wanderer Husky

    God love Terry, I think every one should have a Terry!! lol

    Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.
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    Big Sile! Thanks Leopard.

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