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    This is the EDC I pretty much always carry with me. There are different other “loadouts” and most of the time I actually run around with a waterproof backpack with a bottle of water, pc tablet and an android tablet, a book or two, bluetooth keyboard, small first aid kit and some more EDC stuff that comes in handy (space blanket, platypus bottle, spices, teatree oil, some mints and so on).

    1. Throwing knife set: Its fun to throw knives (even though I know it is pointless from a self defense point of view). I also like to have several knives with me so I can pass them on to friends and family around me.

    2. USB stick with micro usb adaptor: I have a small Linux installation in an encrypted container on that USB drive so I can access some basic programs wherever I go. I also use the USB stick to transfer larger files from my phone to other devices.

    3. Nexus 4 Android phone: Even though Im a bit of a tech geek Im still happy with this phone and will keep it until it breaks.

    5. Keys: I have several little tools on my key rings. The orange one is a whistle that also has a small compartment I can screw open with a folded banknote inside. The metal capsule has a small fire starter set inside with storm matches. Small black led lighter (but most often I use a flashlight app from my phone). Compass and thermometer that gets it roughly right. Small swiss army knife, that I mostly use for the scissors it has.

    Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")

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    Very Nice, Jay!

    I noticed you also have no handgun mentioned, but then again aren’t you out of the USA?
    Indonesia IIRC?

    "ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum

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