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    Don’t know where this thread should be…   I used to live in Alaska, and earthquakes were the norm there, like Calif. A few every once in a while, up to a 7.9 which was quite an experience. Due to the low population density, the only casualty was one woman who broke her arm falling down her stairs, some huge cracks in the few highways, and some badly shaken moose and wolves.  Not so when a similar one hit in Haiti…due to population and poor construction.

    But here in Oklahoma, they are increasing in number and severity. Don’t like it! Four Saturday, like a freight train rumbling through, one big shock BOOOM!  I could hear the house cracking. My husband felt two more in the night, so that averages one every four hours.  Plus another big explosive jolt at 1:30AM today.

    So far they are up to 3.7 etc but they are warning us of a 5+ pretty soon, with measurable damage.

    I blame it on all the oil being sucked out of the ground…which causes the strata to shift. Other theories, including fracking. Just read where California is having more in areas where they are pumping out the groundwater faster than the aquifer can replenish it.

    Don’t know what damage could affect us if we DO get a bigger one.  Probably broken roads and bridges, power outages, some building seriously damaged such as the oil company towers in OKC.  But I am concerned…

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    Wildartist – be safe, sorry you both are going through this – indeed scarey. I have long thought, myself, that Mother Nature will play a bigger role in changes/future shtf events than most are willing to consider. Alvin Conways book ‘Hazard’ is a great read

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    Here is a news article that I had read,

    They do talk about the oil and gas production there.

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    Wild Artist,

    Some info for you, no answers sorry.

    This is a link to the Oklahoma Geological Survey Agency position statement.

    “Oklahoma has long been recognized as having significant earthquake activity,
    and the OGS began earthquake monitoring 40 years ago with its first seismic
    station that is still in operation near Leonard, OK. Also during the 30-year
    period prior to 2009 when the OGS expanded its monitoring to a network of
    stations, there was an average of about 50 locatable earthquakes each year,
    with only a few strong enough to be felt.
     Since 2009, the earthquake activity in Oklahoma has been approximately 40
    times higher than in the previous 30 years
    . ”

    “Summary of Current Oklahoma Seismicity

    The OGS has not ruled out that some earthquakes may have a relationship to oil and
    gas activities such as water disposal/injection, and examining these issues remains a
    major focus of ongoing research. The majority of earthquakes in Oklahoma are not
    strong enough to be felt and it is important to note that an apparent spatial
    correlation does not necessarily imply a causal relationship. Additionally, fluid
    disposal alone is not adding enough energy into the system to materially change the
    natural stresses. Overall, the majority, but not all, of the recent earthquakes appear
    to be the result of natural stresses, since they are consistent with the regional
    Oklahoma natural stress field”


    Thanks for the links, everyone.  But these are DEFINITELY “strong enough to be felt” and are much more frequent this year than previously.  Feels like a major explosion just outside of town with the shock wave hitting us like a freight train, jolting the house with cracking sounds as it rumbles through.  I was in many earthquakes in Alaska, but this is even more frequent and more “felt” than the average ones up there.

    Probably nothing to affect our survival unless we get a really big one.  But it is unnerving…6 times in one day???


    And yes, the gas and oil activity has increased recently too.  Almost every ranch and pasture has a rig on it or one being drilled as we speak.  A mini-boom as it were.  Can’t definitely link the two as cause/effect but they are both increasing at the same time.

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