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    You can see by the photo below how my day started.
    It did not progress in a smooth manner.
    Today was the day I was forced to contemplate
    the wonder of wheels
    Wheels on the trailer I needed to move the tractor
    to help a neighbor
    but I had no replacement odd 25″ size, and
    of course the rim was bent, when the tire shredded
    apart…and off 1/8th a mile from home……
    The wonder of wheels, continued all day
    Tires flat on one of the large wheeled carts for hauling manure
    Low tires on the dump wagon pulled by the garden tractor
    quickly turned to a burst inner tube
    Sigh, off to get a new tire and rim for trailer
    Vehicle light screams ‘warning – low tire pressure’
    All before 9am

    Prep spares, patch stuff, spare inner tubes, weights for them used with tractor, an extra rim or two.

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    With today’s experience you are seeing specific items to have extras of but there are many many other items that didn’t break that won’t have occurred to you yet. Probably a Murphy';s law there somewhere. I keep a few extra tubes for my bikes and my garden cart, and I’ve got an extra tire for my truck set aside after a flat that ruined one and me buying a matched set to replace two of them, but it is really hard to anticipate what one might need spares of, and believe me I have lots of “just in case” stuff set aside.

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    Sorry about the bad day. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

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