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    My only gripe is I wish it was the whole east coast going dark. Stop paying off the bankers and put the money where it belomgs.


    Deteriorating equipment.
    Theft of materials.
    Nonpayment of electric bills.

    There is another option…

    Remember back about a year/18 months ago in California?

    “Official word” was that there was some technical trouble with a power substation… then after some time, “official word” changed and they fessed up that someone shot the crap out the substation. And that the shooters knew what critical parts to shoot at… they were trying to crash the power grid.

    Combine that with the Ferguson mess – and it’s blowback… anyone who’s been paying attention has seen there’s been a spike in black-on-white murders over the last couple weeks. The guy being beat to death with hammers. A 12 year old boy executed by a black male while he was leaving a birthday party. Another white guy shot 3 times in the back for no reason…

    Seems to me someone looking to dish some payback without risking themselves would take out a power substation feeding Detroit. The resultant blackout could result in chaos, which would then result in several dead…

    I know this is a reach, but thinking strategically instead of tactically, it makes sense to get them to kill each other instead of some random guy dishing out some payback…

    Sorry… it’s just how I think.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it shakes out…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    Malgus, Agree! I am carrying everyday now in Miami. The black on white is not good, I am seeing a change in the way they look at me. So just be ready.

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    It wouldn’t pertain to the Detroit situation but some of the outages in suburban and rural areas are sometimes due to utilities cutting back on tree maintenance to save money and sometimes cutting back because homeowners complain about having street trees trimmed. Both reasons are short sighted.

    Malgus,concerning your hypothesis, I’ve noticed the uptick in black on white crime too but I doubt someone hit the Detroit power grid in response. Corruption and ineptitude in Detroit govt. seems a more obvious reason.

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    Detroit was definitely a maintenance issue. It was not if, but when situation. San Diego however, got everyone’s attention. Fear is it was dry run to see what the impact was. It was a disciplined well executed operation. While the looters in Ferguson were going after booze and cigs, the San Diego guys sent a very different message. It would be interesting to know their thinking. I wonder if this was a local beef with the utility or if it has broader implications for the nation.

    I’ve feared a coordinated hit on the transmission lines. There are enough remote locations around the country where someone could set charges and be long gone before anything happens. Enough towers pulling lines down in different parts of the country at the same time, could cause a cascading blackout.


    @ Mountain and Road…

    I agree.

    Occham’s Razor. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. I’m just thinking sideways again and spitballing…

    @ Road,

    The San Diego thing… I dunno. My gut feeling is that it’s either a) an as-yet-unnamed bunch making a dry run or b) false flag meant to justify someone’s budget increase or an expansion of powers… heh… going by the govt’s own COINTEL, it could be an as-yet-unnamed group of dupes making a dry run at the (unknown) behest of the government itself, to justify budget increases and/or expansion of power…

    Wheels within wheels… heh.. don’t mind me…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    My geuss is the business in San Diego was a training exercise for some group. Malgus your hypothesis my not be so fetched in that many different groups could manufacture an uprising by knocking the grid out in selected cities. The outages could be pointed at anyone using today’s media. The question is who would benefit from riots and unrest?

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