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    You never know when SHTF is going to happen in your own life. It does not have to be a solar mass injection to royally mess up your life. A punk that is targeting you for a robbery/rape/murder where ever you are out in the world has to be dealt with by you. The police are typically not around to save you.
    I assume that if you are reading this article you have taken the red pill and unplugged from the matrix. However; I know too many people in the prepper world that fail to be armed at all times. They think “it can never happen to me because “insert bs reason”.

    This being said you need to be armed at all times!
    If you live in a state that doesn’t allowed for carry of a hand gun, then why haven’t you moved yet?

    In order to carry in most of the modern world today it is important to find a holster that will conceal your weapon comfortably while you are on the move. Even in states like mine, the great state of Tennessee, that allows open carry most sheeple still have a fit over it being displayed. Additionally, it draws attention to yourself, and as we have learned from Selco, that crap can get you killed really quick.

    Concealing your weapon is a must for several reasons;
    1. tactical advantage. the enemy does not know you are armed giving you a boosted position in the fight
    2. the populous is not scared of you walking into a room, causing them to call authorities
    3. authorities are not alarmed by your presence
    4. your weapon is not at risk of being taken while going on your daily routine

    Holsters for concealment do have a disadvantage, as you are slower to draw, but it is better to have your gun than not.

    For total concealment of main fire arms I recommend you checking into some of the below hand made, customer holsters. The mass marked ones will not do what you want them to do.

    Ken Null makes great holsters by hand for your weapon. I wear his ANKle holster see pictures attached, for my BUG. see attached. This is made out of felt, velcro, and leather and is a fantastic comfortable conceal.

    Tucker gun leathers is what I use to conceal my full framed 1911. I have been wearing this for three years with no issues. It allows you to tuck your shirt around your weapon. I wear mine, called the Answer, to work with no issues. Made from leather and kydex. This has several belt options including one that is almost invisible.

    These are two good resources but there are others. Stick with a customer holster maker that models the holster on your weapon. They will be a little more pricey but they are worth it in the end. Being cheap is never the way to go with a holster. If it is not comfortable, then you wont wear it, which could get you up a creek when you are in trouble.

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    Somehow SHTF “wants” to happen when you are not expecting it, so I try to be prepared always.
    I am not man who would “wave” with gun easily, never was, but I am ready to use it without hesitation if needed.
    And yes, I always carry it with me, holster, bag, or other way, but always.
    If I am not allowed to carry (if it would be illegal) I would carry again.


    I had to modify this as i posted it to quick by mistake. Please see revision and sorry for those who read an incomplete version.

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    This is so true. I know a man that drives around in his vehicle, and openly speaks about the number and types of guns he has. But he does not carry any of them on his person! Gets out of vehicle to enter grocery store, gets a gun in his face, car and vehicle with all the guns gets stolen. He’s lucky he was not shot.

    I used to live on a small farm, in the country, but at the base of foothills through which the Appalachian Trail passed. There were no houses around for almost a mile. I shortly learned after living there, even alone, ‘out in the country’ the importance of being armed at all times (not just because of snakes and coyotes). People would appear out of now where it seemed that had been traveling the trail – looking for food, water – whatever. And some were some truly scary acting people.

    Thanks for the information outdoorfury.


    Part of my job is being a gunsmith.
    Another part, firearms (CCW) training.
    The third part, custom Kydex holsters.

    Concealed carry holsters have to fit the person.
    Otherwise, you’re not going to carry the gun or it’s so uncomfortable that you don’t want to.

    I got into holster making, because ofter 25 years of carrying guns, I had boxes of holsters that failed.
    Either they weren’t as comfortable as advertised, didn’t fit the gun well, or some other malady.
    So, I started making my own.

    Now I build them for other people, fitting them to the person as well as the gun.
    Shoulder injury prevents you from drawing a certain way, it can be accommodated.
    Clothing issues? Can be designed and built around.

    edit to follow

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