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    There was a letter to the editor in a small newspaper in Silverton, Colorado, on 30 July – one week PRIOR to the dumping of 3 million gallons of toxic water into what – downstream – amounted to drinking and crop irrigation water. In that little obscure letter to the editor, a retired geologist predicted the toxic release disaster, and gave a reason: to justify building an expensive EPA clean up project in the area, thereby protecting the EPA budget and over 17,000 employees’ jobs (just prior to more cuts by the government). In his letter to the editor, he says he was just visiting the area as part of his retirement, wanting to relax in the area. But while in the area, he happened to see stories of interest to him because of his profession (now retired), and the purpose of his letter to the editor to the local paper was to warn the people of Silverton, Colorado, what was coming their way (no pun intended). It’s a stunning near-prophecy! In the letter he names two of three projects that are all part of the same overall operation of the EPA in that area: the “Red and Bonita portals.” The Gold King mine, from which the “spill” originated, is part of the same project, it turns out. At first I thought perhaps the geologist’s letter was talking about something different, but through other stories learned that those two projects are part of a group of three – and the other one he didn’t mention is the one that “blew.”

    Today the editor/publisher of the newspaper came out and confirmed that the letter to the editor, which is going viral, was authentic and that it was indeed published one week prior to this disaster.

    Let the cover-ups begin (assuming this isn’t a simple mistake, and only the fault of an incompetent worker employed by a previously much-used contractor). But our government would never lie to us, let alone concoct a plan to create a disaster for their own purposes. . . . . Would they?

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    L Tecolote

    If they wouldn’t, it would really be news.

    What, after all, is the Glen Canyon Dam, but an earlier pretext to keep the US Army Corps of Engineers fully staffed and busy? Lake Powell has never been more than 2/3 full. Just as their own geologists warned, the “containing” soil is so porous, that an Indian Reservation, 27 miles away, got ground water for the first time since humans have laid eyes on the area, draining so much of the water into empty land, diminishing the downstream flow to the extent that the Colorado River peters out before it can reach the Gulf of California.

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    It’s all about control. Dam the federal government. ;-)

    Seriously, it can pretty much be boiled down to the underlying philosophy that, when combined, comes from the final chapter (only 3/4 of one page) in Marx and Engels’ accomplishment (destroying the social and political order of things by any means necessary), and Cloward and Piven’s strategy as detailed in their 1966 article in “Nation” magazine. Create the crisis born out of confusion and helplessness, then swoop in to take control.

    I could end up completely wrong (it would be at least the 2nd time – hah hah), but I’m wondering what’s around the corner, since we seem to be getting really, really ripe as a nation for what comes next. I think I see Hillary being set up to be swept off stage, I don’t believe Smilin’ Joe Biden has any chance, yet he’s suddenly in the news, and I have learned to notice what ISN’T being talked about – at all. In this case, we haven’t heard the name “Elizabeth Warren” for quite some time now. No one is asking her how serious she is about her claim of not running. NO one in the national MSM is reporting on what she’s opposing or supporting. Oh, she’s issuing statements from Iran to whatever, but they’re not getting out of the Boston Globe to anything except relatively obscure internet sites. (Google News is a marvelous tool to watch what is and is NOT happening.) I find myself wondering if Bernie Sanders is the trial balloon for “official” socialism (not the semi-covert variety we currently have), with him surging and bringing in large numbers to rallies (or so the MSM is reporting, at least). If the Democratic Party “happens” to fall into chaos like the Republican Party, who better to come riding in from off stage than Elizabeth Warren? Just a thought…. Communism and socialism are dead – as we’ve been mockingly assured by the left. Long live communism and socialism.

    (Yes, Georgia Saint is in warp-9 sarcastic cynic mode this morning.)

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    If this wasn’t an intentional act then they are among the stupidest people on earth. Using a backhoe to make an opening in the dike can only lead to one outcome.

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    I’ve already seen multiple stories about how it supposedly happened. That’s part of the problem. As I said above, I’ve learned to notice what is NOT being said or reported on – and a single, detailed and consistent explanation is not being reported in this case. Just sayin’ ….

    But then, who really cares? This isn’t in NYC, LA, or anywhere important – just mainly land that’s already toxic with radioactive waste from uranium mining operations, occupied by just a bunch of Indians, and who cares about them? [Note: Georgia Saint is dripping with sarcasm with that comment. It’s a subject about which I care deeply, just so there’s no misunderstanding of my comment.]

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    These things are best left out of sight out of mind and then we go along our merry way. We can always trust the government will clean them up so our drinking water is just fine all you have to do is ask them. It would be interesting to see just how long it takes to get the all clear and really see the final tests. Heavy metals do not just go away but linger. This is just one of thousands of mine in the US. I just wondered why the EPA was working on it, I haven’t seen anything on that. They sure fixed it, you don’t have to worry about it breaking now………

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    Well the EPA needs to be taken down. So does the IRS. We need to clean up with all of these old politicians. Like Trump said in the debate that he has them do whatever he wants and so does all the other lift and right wing billionaires. In the debate I lol when Trump said this because we all didn’t see any of the others say much because they are all on the take.

    We really need change!! First the house and senate need time limits of no more then two terms just like the president. No more old politicians, they will have 8 years to do what they were elected to do, period.

    We also need to REDUCE how many agencies we have in the government. IRS, well a flat tax can reduce the IRS. The DHS is not an army so reduce them. The EPA needs to protect us but not limit us. There is so much more I can write.

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