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    “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.”
    The more you know the more you realize you don’t know ****.

    There are many people around the world right now being arrested, and having their children taken by the state over home schooling. So if any parents happen to be reading this, take preventative measures. Things change to quickly these days.

    Mountainbiker, “Should the system collapse and the little hamlet I’m in resurrect it, one of my contributions could be supplying it with an abundance of books.” Digital copys, wrapped in 40 layers of tin foil, burried like the dead sea scrolls. hard copys cant hurt either and many… many are doing this

    it would only take the genocide of every man and woman over 12 to erase any chance of freedom ever again :( sad but true *Plato allegory of the cave*

    I just want to add, that even tho i dropped out in grade ten, i stayed for two more years despite being asked to leave repeatedly. *Chuckle* even had my own locker.

    There are a lot of good people stuck in this bullshit cookie cutter system, and there the ones who threw their wings over me in high school. (and taught me about taxes *shakes fist* *glares*)

    Education is so important vrs power… :( and spitting out students who never want to read again should be a crime.

    Mentors and apprenticeship is arguably one of the best ways to teach.
    Reading, also awesome.
    Hands on Learning and experience a must.

    (work in progress)

    Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.

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    tweva, yes, there are a fair number of young urbanites doing internships on farms in New England which is a huge relief for those of us that look ahead to when the trucks with food from the MidWest might not be coming anymore. Some then find a couple acres and start a small farm themselves, often organic farms. Regretfully it is a small subset of their generation.

    Good for you tweva doing it your way. I think what made my mother value education so much was the fact that she didn’t have one. My mother was very bright but her father didn’t think a girl needed more than an 8th grade education. He initially forbid her from going to high school but then relented to her pleas and let her go. Along comes my father back from the war and she dropped out in 10th grade when she got engaged on her 16th birthday. Her father who wasn’t big on a girl getting much education didn’t have any problem with her getting married at 16. My father was 20 and they were happily married for 47 years until he died. My father left school in 8th grade when he turned 16. He had spent 2 years in a hospital when he was about 12 with a heart defect that got cured with some new invention. His identical twin stayed back twice waiting for him, and apparently being hellions, the two of them were asked to leave when they turned 16. WWII was underway and so they then ran away to join the Navy underaged. Of the 6 kids, one got a PHD, two MBA’s, one became a lawyer, one stopped at a Batchelors, and the youngest just got an Associates degree. My mother always said she didn’t want us to have to work as hard as our Dad did, and in her world the way you did that was with education. Woe to the kid that dared to get a C on their report card, or had an A drop to a B. Or that got detention or had a negative comment of any kind from a teacher. Or was lazy, disrepectful, unkind to anyone, or for the 5 boys, not a gentleman. I went on my 1st date in 9th grade at age 14, a school dance. Before leaving the house my mother first approved of what I was wearing, made sure I had money to buy myself and my date a soda, and I am thinking I’m good to go when she says matter of factly that she ever finds out my hands are where they’re not supposed to be she’ll break my arm; that she expects her boys to be gentleman.

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