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    BRICS or Brazil , Russia , India , China , and South Africa .
    You want to know just how much of a joke the US is now , and why we really have no teeth economically ? then here it is . the Powers mentioned above are not playing the NWO game , they are creating their own block of economic firepower . We need to switch sides before we get flushed . Sanctions against Russia ? we are the fat old guy in the corner still thinking he is that 18year old football star , he once was in high school , you know , the old fat , balding past it . Thats what we are . Huff and puff , we wont blow this one in . Notice that we have heard VERY little about this dragon in the media …………I wonder why .

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    Sounds like the macroeconomic infrastructure needed to – you guessed it – replace the current reserve currency. That would be the US Dollar. I’m just going to keep on watching the show.

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