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    to clarify



    So the outcast of soviet society where still rather in tact as a religious group in spite of purges. as we know the rank and file members of any military comes from the  poorest ranks of society. Just because you dont have a priest in the army does not mean you dont have Christian members.

    1932 - St. Basil’s Cathedral protected. Stalin ordered St. Basil destroyed and commanded Pyotr Baranovsky to prepare its demolition. Baranovsky sent the Kremlin a telegram stating he would take his own life if it was destroyed. In order to protect many churches he advised they would be useful as museums. Baranovsky was later sent to the gulag for 5 years.

    1941, June – a special service was held in the Patriarchal Cathedral (now Epiphany Cathedral) to bless the Russian people in the face of Hitler’s invading army. does that sound like no belief?

    1942Russian Church Restored. The war had changed the attitude of the atheist rulers towards the Orthodox Church. The war had led to the disappearance of atheistic propaganda imposed on the people. The churches were filled with many people during the war times says priest Mikhail Prokopenko

    Look at at the gay and lesbian quagmire in the military of the USA  just because one refuses to  acknowledge it  does it mean it does not exist?  Same goes for Christians in soviet republic. Does being a soviet soldier make you a non christian? Is  there yet a christian person  who believes in god that does not think that they are doing gods work?


    They tried hard  and killed millions (50 or so million)  and yet still  religion adapted and survived, ask your self why? If you have a soldier that believes in god you have a soldier  that believes god is on their side.

    the reason for the chines being mentions is first of all the second largest  by population communist country,

    The Chinese communism, like every radical political ideology, has religious nature. Such is the nature of every totalitarian state. Marxism-Leninism is an ideology that, in the name of a utopian promise, promotes the dictatorship and supremacy of one social group (or party) over all others. The Marxism of Bolshevik type does not tolerate political or economic pluralism, which makes China’s communism today an interesting “hybrid.” It had a classical non-pluralistic period in the XX century that has developed into a XXI century proto-communism combining elements of different political and economic orders–state capitalism, Confuciansim, and Maoist Marxism.

    Which is a modern example of a more likely non christian army that is comprised mostly  of  non Christians since birth since Christianity is about 7% or so of total population.  SO unlike to think god is with them unlike soviet army which probably had rates of upwards of 30% since pre and post communism the amount of people who are believers is over 75% If they successfully purges religion no way in a few decades it would reach such levels again unless it was always there and just hidden.


    for all of us who served can re late to this quote “there are no atheists in foxholes”


    i do agree with you malgus  on your thoughts on dieing well. may i have the perseverance to hold out to the end
    <div id=”stcpDiv” style=”position: absolute; top: -1999px; left: -1988px;”>The secret of life is “it ends”. Brother, after what I’ve been through in my life, I feel like I’m living in the Bonus Round. Death is sort of an old friend by now… I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of not dying well. The only thing I’ve asked for is that my son survive the evil that’s coming and that when the time comes, that I am allowed to die well. I know it will happen, but I’m praying that my enemies, even though they hate me, will still write of me with grudging respect. – See more at:</div&gt;



    I appreciate the research you put into your reply.

    But you’re overlooking something. Your original comment was “who went to war without “god” on their side?”, not “who went to war without “god” on their side, and then changed their minds once they started getting their ass kicked?”…

    A minor quibble, but you understand…

    And we’re getting off track… you made your point and I made mine… what say we just shake hands and move on?

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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