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    President Obama needs to join with government officials in Australia to help beef up THEIR gun laws, just as he’s trying to do here in the United States, to prevent such tragedies as the killing of an Australian police worker by a 15 year old Iranian-born suspected terrorist. It’s just unconscionable that Australia could possibly allow this teenager to possess a gun.

    Oh – wait – I just remembered that Australia has some of the strictest gun laws around, and Australians never had a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Two articles are instructive here. First, the article about the most recent suspected terrorist murder of the Australian police IT worker, and then this excellent piece in The Federalist about the fallacies being thrown around with respect to whether the US should adopt the Australian position.

    Keep your eyes open to the propaganda, and your powder dry.

    "Ye hear of wars in far countries, and you say that there will soon be great wars in far countries, but ye know not the hearts of men in your own land."


    Russia has very strict gun laws ( yes you can legally have them there ) , doesn’t stop anything , criminals still have them , and they have a violent crime rate that is 5 times that of the US .

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    I heard a few months ago that Putin and/or their parliment had actually relaxed some of the gun laws making it easier for Russians to own firearms.


    I dont know about that , but I like our 2nd amendment . I call it Jackass repellant . I cant tell you how many times some tough guy road rager , got sobered up real fast , at the sight of a pistol . Its amazing how fast a jackass looses interest , the moment he ( and its always a he ) realizes that he could die if he pressed the issue , he suddenly becomes the most peace loving pile of crap there is . I never point it at them , legal trouble there . But I pull it out , show it to them , and place it on the dash . As for the jackass ? he suddenly just fades away in traffic like David Copperfield .

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    I always say that if we can’t stop drugs, and illegal immigrants from coming into this country then criminals will always have guns. So this is the same in every country. Look at France terrorist that had ak 47 and shotguns PLEASE! Criminals will always find a way.

    Gun control laws are only designed to control the people.

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