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    A gun is an expensive club without ammo… i tended to stick with readily available  calibers for north america where i reside. As for  price  ak for the dollar value is a great weapon  but i think it will become difficult in SHFT to get ammo for it after first few years. But that is a guess you never know.


    That is reason to buy a few carbines so you can use  pistol ammo out to 200m. even a old gun like a DeLisle.







    i don’t know about your area but here in SE Wisconsin there is a shitload of 7.62×39 for sale and widely available. Even hardware stores stock the stuff If they sell guns. Stock up for your self, but of course have multiple calber/weapon options. good point about pistol caliber carbines. I have a Hi Point 995, kind of chintzy but it works well. One thing about the AK as Selco points out it is simple and rugged as all get out. Always works and that is very comforting in a self defense firearm.



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    That is reason to buy a few carbines so you can use pistol ammo out to 200m. even a old gun like a DeLisle.

    I have to admit that is the most interesting thing I’ve heard in a long time. Fascinating.  Had to look it up. The DeLisle was a .45acp bolt action rifle developed by Mr Godfray De Lisle in Britain during WWII.  It had an integrated sound suppressor.  That is so cool. I have never heard of a rifle like this before. Thanks for bringing it up.


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    I’d be thinking more practically.

    Saiga’s are good but the conversion can be very expensive all those parts. Non standard caliber magazines are hard to find sometimes and more expensive, 30 round AK mags are pretty cheap. .308 ammo is heavy and holds less rounds, reloading in a firefight sucks as does carrying that ammo around.

    All in all I think you made the right choice.

    Think…would you really be able to shoot back successfully at someone who is already zeroed in on you at 3 or 400 yards?

    That would be impressive…have you the training or experience to do that? Could you even see the target?

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