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    Don’t have lots of extra cash? Maybe you do. List some things you someone could buy with $1 or $5 (USD or equivalent) each week that would slowly help them build their preps.

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    save buy a good knife..60-100 unless you can find at garage sale

    go to thrift shops/garage sales swap meets and have a list of items you need by priority then go about getting them

    get candles the cheap devotional ones. in glass tubes. dont like the label soak it off.

    go to community center free learning sessions there is some decent stuff if you are starting.

    volunteer for things in your community, with limited finances knowing your neighbor prior to this is a big help here we have volunteer fire dept gets all your first aid for free. reserve army units for rifle equipment training, communications training and more. though this might not be so good for USA people.

    purify and store water get good glass containers form thrift shop. save the $5 dollars for a month buy a big bag of rice and divide into containers. same goes with other foods.

    get a utilities key that city uses they are about 15 at a locksmith when you find right one.

    start looking at gear sales at outdoors stores now never know what you can find for sale cheap if box is missing damaged.

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    Novus Ordo

    Hmmm – too many things to list. However, in my shopping trips I’ve started going immediately to the “markdown” sections of all stores first. Almost every trip I find something that I need that is in a torn package or dented box that I get for cheaper. Add frequent trips to the local Thrift Stores and Goodwill and you can easily find many items for very cheap – even stuff us preppers really need – packs, candles, lanterns, hand tools, winter clothes, books, etc. etc. etc….If you haven’t been to a local thrift store make it a point to do so – you’re money will go so much further and you’ll quickly start acquiring the things you need much faster.

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    Less than $1 at dollar store:

    -roll of clothes line
    -tea light candles
    -pack of lighters
    -large pack of 10 boxed matches
    -bag of cotton balls (many uses incl as fire starters/make your own)
    -2 bags of steel wool (many uses too)
    -bottle of isopropyl alcohol
    -bottle of witch hazel (gonna garden – need this for sunburn and bug bites)
    -box of generic bandaids
    – roll of aluminum foil
    -box of large black trash bags
    -2 boxes of ziplock type storage bags – keep it together/keep it dry
    -bottle of generic shampoo
    -jug of real (not scented or concentrated) bleach
    -multi-size little case of nails and screws
    -DUCK TAPE!!!!!!!!! (…a personal fav don’t you know..) oooohhh…they have it in colors now too! :)
    -(2) for $1 – iodized salt (can’t get enough of this)
    -spices in individual sealed jars
    -ramen noodles (10 for $1) – not necessarily very nutricious, but a full stomach is a good thing…watch the salt in it if you have heart/blood pressure issues
    – jar of multi-vitamins …even if they don’t taste as good as Flinstone chewables..
    -ASPIRIN – real aspirin – not aleve, not acetaminophin
    -will add more later….gotta go ….time to go harvest soybeans

    Even on a tight budget you CAN do SOMETHING, slowly but surely! Count that jar of change and see what it alone could buy to get you started. Save the bigger stuff for now newbies…it is important to just start



    At the Grocery:
    Cans of vegetables, spaghettio’s, ravioli, beans, etc.
    Bag of flour, bag of masa harina (tortilas), sugar, salt
    Noodles (1 lb bags cause ramen just tastes bad)
    Plastic plates and cups (going on sale soon)

    Garage Sales/Goodwill/Thrift shops:
    Hatchets/saws, cast iron pots/pans, canning jars
    Blankets (ugly is fine, warm is important)

    Baling wire
    Super glue
    1lb propane cylinders

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    pack of 6 quality full-size BIC lighters at Wal-Mart for $5 +tax

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    I stopped at local liquor store to pick up some cocktails for my hubby and I last night, and as I stood in line looking at the prices of items behind the counter this conversation popped into my head. The selection of pints of Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, Brandy etc: $5-$6 each! They are perfect small barter items that don’t take up a lot of space, and have an indefinite shelf life. I bought three, and plan to keep buying them each time I go. Thank you for the idea, Tweva!!

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    Last night I went to BJ’s (similar to Costco) for a preps run and spent $240 on stuff that I already have a lot of but I keep adding a little and a little more to the stash, in this case mostly using coupons to make my purchases feel like a bargain at least. This morning I’m thinking maybe a couple of the purchases were a bit frivolous but what’s done is done. I go for a haircut and the barber is having a discussion with one of the customers about going to the track and losing every bet. The other guy says he went last week and lost $240. The amount wasn’t lost on me. He has nothing to show for his $240 except for a couple hours entertainment whereas I have preps that may well sustain me and mine. So what can you do with $1 or $5. You can buy a coffee somewhere or you can buy a can or three of something and set it aside for the proverbial rainy day.

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