Selco is to be commended for including this section of RELIGION and FAITH on this website dealing with preparedness for the future unknowns. How could we possibly consider ourselves “prepared” without considering our spiritual lives?
In that light, I am going to try something a bit unconventional here. Hopefully, it will be helpful rather than a distraction. Most people are not aware that Heaven is speaking to mankind on a current basis, speaking about our divergence from the path God has set out for Man, the errors we’ve made along the way, the resulting events, future events, and what we need to do to repair our relationship with Him. This is nothing new. There are many well documented and accepted cases occurring down through the ages but, in our secular ways, we tend to discount such events.
This is taking place in many parts of the world where certain chosen souls receive visions or messages directly from Jesus, God The Father, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, certain Saints, and on occasion, special Angels.
I know, I know, many will say “that’s crazy talk”, and I can understand the reaction. But if you will just read these posts with an open mind and heart and judge for yourself, you could possibly enter a whole new realm of your spiritual life.

Here is what Jesus reportedly said to a woman in Ecuador just last Thursday, April 3rd:
(please note that this is a translation from their native language, done by an American using 4 different computer translators. Thus, you will have to allow for some awkward word choices and phrases here and there but the general meaning is discernable. This woman (anonymous at this time but referred to as “Light of Mary”) has several priest spiritual directors and all messages are examined and approved before release, for not containing anything contrary to Christian teachings.)
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