The Inner Voice of the Woman

June 3rd, 2014
Words of Mary, Mother of Jesus

Before all the upheavals occur, I must give my children the words of life. These words will live within them. They will be the voice of the Woman. Blessed will they be if, before the upheavals, they have already learned to listen to me. In this way, my voice will multiply, be stronger and clearer.

They must not listen to the voices of fear, or to the voices of selfishness. In all of the upheavals, large and small, I will always speak as the Woman. In these special trials there will be special words. Let me begin now, for the time is short.

From now on, you must prepare every day, just as Noah built his ark every day. Only in this way, will you be ready. To prepare, you must be still and quiet and seek my word. You must learn how close I am to you, and gain great faith that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. All my other gifts will flow freely from this faith.

Do not look for me in the sky. Later, will come the signs and wonders. Right now, the great gifts are flowing from my heart to your heart and you can receive them by believing my words.
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