Hi y’all…

I offer my point of view only for the sake of comparison. If you all would like to have a discussion in the spirit of Fellowship, I am all for it…

I was raised old school conservative Catholic. Catholic school for 12 years, Latin, scripture studies every day, etc..

Thing is, when folks say the Almighty is a God of love, I tend to disagree. How can the Almighty wipe out humanity, except for a few good people, with the Flood? How can He rain fire and destruction down upon Sodom and Gomorrah, killing multiples of thousands of people? How can He command the Jews to attack cities and population centers, destroying them utterly and wiping out every living thing (presumably men, women, children, infants, animals..) if He is a God of love?

When Christ returns, He will come not as the healer, but as a warrior – and will lead the forces of righteousness in the last battle at Armageddon…

I grew up with a rifle in one hand, the Bible in the other. I am convinced that the Almighty is fair and just, but is also capable of punishing the evil in this world and is not only a warrior, but THE Warrior… and I see that our country – conceived in righteousness – is now governed by evil men. Before, when we spoke of The Mark of the Beast, we were ridiculed and mocked as typical Fundies. Now, those same evil men want to make RFID chipping people mandatory – it has already started with the military. Of course, it is all for our ‘safety’… spying on us, reading our mail, forbidding us our freedoms… all for our own good, don’t you see? To catch the ‘terrorists’ that are out there, don’t you see? (/sarc)

Something Wicked This Way Comes…. and when it gets here, I have no problem bringing the sword if I have to. I try to be as upright and righteous as I am able – and even though I fail, and often, I still try.

I am as He made me. Everyone dies. All I ask is that He give me the opportunity to die well.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1