Amen! You’ve got it right.
Another document describing plans to destroy the Church is called “The Permanent Instruction of the AltaVendita, A Masonic Blueprint for the Subversion of the Catholic Church” by John Vennari. Looking backward, my own Grandfather was a Mason but he was married to a strong German Catholic woman who stood firm in her faith. She successfully passed it on to her children and my Mom did her part. I thank God for this Grandmother, who I never had the joy of meeting.

Just yesterday, our spiritual Mother, Mary, Mother of Jesus, spoke out again in Ecuador* pleading for (all) of us to return to Her Son. I recommend that all readers here open the attachment below and see what She has to say. She speaks about PREPAREDNESS. And there is a special note for us here in America.
* The woman in Ecuador has been receiving messages from Jesus and Mary for some 20 years. She has several priests guiding her spiritual life in these matters. The Church makes no decision on validity of such events while they are still on-going. Per her instruction, she remains anonymous but goes by the name of “Light of Mary”.

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