1974t150v and Leopard
No, all of these messages are not found on one website.
The one given in Brazil can be found here: http://www.pedroregis.com/english/historico.php
Go there and read the history of how these came about,
and then click over to the “messages” (which have been
going on for many years). If you read with an open mind
you will see why Heaven is reaching down to mankind all
over this world. Yes, the Bible has revealed all that we
need to know for our salvation and thus, there is nothing
new in the current messages, only aids and motivations
for actually executing what the Bible teaches. Is that not
still another gift?
For another example of holy love, go here:


Before you dismiss these read the background of this woman,
she is no kook or dummy. (click on “welcome” and read
to bottom)
The take-away is this:
We are being told by our own Creator how un-prepared
we are for what lies ahead. But, there is still time.