1974t150v and Leopard
No, they are not all on one website. As previously stated, this phenomenon is happening all over the world. God is in a hurry and we
(citizens of the world) are not responding and that is why He is going to extraordinary means to urge our conversion of hearts. The message given in Brazil (previously posted) can be found here:
http://www.pedroregis.com/english/historico.php Please read the page describing the history of these events and then click over to the messages before making judgmental statements. If you read the messages with an open mind you will understand the reason for Her visitations there and at all other sites in the world.
Yes, the Bible contains all we need to know for our salvation. Thus, there is nothing new revealed in the current day apparitions and messages, only aids and motivations for us to actually execute what the Bible teaches. Is this not still another gift?