From your very first statement about “a God of love” I was somewhat confused about what you were trying to say.
I finally concluded that you were applying some sort of limits to the Almighty, and now it appears that that was the wrong interpretation. I totally agree, He is omnipotent, no limits whatsoever. I cannot respond to the ” Patriarchal vs. a Matriarchal” Catholic Church. That is the first time I have ever heard the Church described in those terms. But yes, certain parts of Vatican II were ambushed by a number of modernist theologians who managed to insert their ideas into the final documents and this has led to some very unfortunate results at the parish level world-wide.
Somewhere along the line priests and Bishops then got the idea that they could do their own interpretation of how things should be done. As a result, we have the “Church of nice” where orthodoxy is cast aside. Because so many are walking away from the faith worldwide God the Father, Jesus and His Mother, and even certain Saints are speaking directly to mankind all over the world, calling us back, pointing out the correct path. (Medjugorje in Bosnia, Columbia, SA, Anguera, Brazil, Garabandal, Spain, several in USA) We need to pay attention, discern the valid ones, and respond while there is still time. Being a skeptic is fine as long as it does not become an excuse to not respond to Heaven’s requests. We all find life so comfortable just as we have made it. Change can be very painful.