A while back you said:
“But I definitely agree that some hear differently than others. I believe this is a spiritual gift, and something we should pay attention to!” If you are interested in an actual case history of someone communicating with the Lord
you can go here and read in her own words how it happened. … http://www.gods-messages-for-us.com/who-am-i–what-is-it-like-to-hear-from-god.html (all are invited to review here) And if you have further questions about it you can email her directly at the address at the bottom of her page. She will respond. It is for you to decide if you believe what is happening. Personally, I do, until I hear something that is contradictory to what we, as Christians, know to be true . The words she is given are very informative of how God sees us in these times and how we need to change.