And, “If he is a God of love, then He is incapable of any other emotion” . Are you sure you want to place such a limitation on GOD? We are currently living in a period of Divine Mercy while He is calling us back to
Himself, to be followed by His Divine Justice. — BobbyD.

Okay… umm… You basically tell me that I cannot know the mind of God (because folks say that He is a God of love. If He is, then how can He be anything else? So, someone is wrong – either the ‘God is love’ people, or I am, or we all are…).

Then turn around and basically say that YOU know the mind of God (because He is calling us back, period of Divine Mercy, Divine Justice, etc). And you know this how?

I am a professional skeptic. I question everything. I am as He made me, and questioning everything instead of blindly following along is healthy and the mark of an intelligent mind… not saying you are not intelligent, or anyone else for that matter. I’m saying asking how and who and why and for what… these are questions that should be asked by anyone and yes, even applied to a supreme being. And, because I feel that the Almighty is rational, logical and reasonable, then I should be able to reach rational, logical and reasonable answers.

Saying “The Almighty is a God of Love” puts limitations on a supreme being. If he is only love, then He cannot be anything else. Furthermore, if we take the Bible as truth (mostly), then the actions credited to the Almighty clearly demonstrate that He is capable of much, much more than love… anger, vengeance, wrath, patience, sorrow, etc… the whole gamut of human emotions..

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1