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i hear more and more talk about the 22lr’s and the shortage of ammo i do own quite a few .22’s but one of which is a high powered air gun a Benjamin NP trail originally paid a little under 200 dollars for it but it was well worth it! i have yet to see a shortage on pellet’s it is very quiet, ammo is cheap 8 dollars a tin of 100 pellets and this gun is rated to kill most any small game even coyote’s if they can get close enough it originally ran at close to 1000 fps upgraded the piston in it and im running at 1400 fps! what do you all think about that as a survival weapon? wont be able to kill a deer but you can easily get food on the table without making much noise and able to pack a TON of ammo.

Survivors aren't always the strongest,sometimes they're the smartest, but more often than not they are simply the luckiest.