Toby C
Toby C

Especially for those living in countries with restrictive knife laws, but valid for everyone else as well. I routinely carry a crow (pry) bar in my vehicle. It’s about 18inches/40cms long, and I ground the one end down a little more to make it sharper. Great for multiple scavenging type tasks, indespensible in emergency incidents (we use these a LOT) in the fire dept. and twice now, I have exited my vehicle with this held discreetly but visibly by my side and in both instances the other ‘aggravated’ party seemingly wasn’t so interested in continuing there abuse hurling and decide to ‘keep driving’… :)

The inertia generated swinging one of these means it is definitely going to make someone’s eyes water if you connect with it, lethality is largely determined by the target you choose to swing for…

This aside, I also am a huge axe fan, especially given they are exceptionally difficult to defend against. In fact having gamed this for some time, I have not yet seen/found a empty hand ‘high percentage’ defense strategy against axes…