Mr. Red
Mr. Red

It depends really on what really puts us over the edge as to what “style” of collapse will happen (it’ll be a mixture mostly, and really depends on location).

Some things to consider are if it’d be some all out war with Russia or China, an EMP or CME event, a worldwide pandemic, economic collapse, a rapid increase or decrease in global temperatures, meteor impact, I could really go on and on.

But with all those there are many similarities. Some may cause chaos within MINUTES, or others could be days, even weeks before things start to get bad.

As an aside, it’s kind of strange though, to look at where we are now, knowing full well that this will someday (most likely) be in a history book, and the generations down the line will ask WHY we go to where we are right now, and why we didn’t try harder to change things or fix things. Messes with your mind, man haha

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